I had a bit of a "tiff" with another user on Buzz feed. Coarse language ahead. lol


I posted this picture as a response to an article making fun of the delightful people that think the world is going to end on the 21st.

And said the world would be a much better place if they did all get beamed the fuck out of here. lol


And received this response:

Don't be a hater. Everyone needs something to believe in, whatever that may be. Unless it becomes dangerous or detrimental to their or others' well-being, stop being a douche and take a chill pill.


I then responded a bit perturbed admittedly:

“Nope, I think you're wrong. My imaginary book says so.” That's the kind of shit I'm tired of. So I say again, I do hope it happens and all believers of crazy invisible shit everywhere fucking disappear.


To which he said:

The thing is—who the fuck cares?  You know they're wrong, so why bother with all the hate? There's good religions and bad religions, bottom line. Just because they don't believe what you believe doesn't mean they're bad people. People can worship whatever and whoever the fuck they want. And if they're not affecting you, then why care?


And then the flood gates opened, lol:


I fucking care. They do affect me everyday. Every time some idiot politician makes a decision base "On his religious values" it fucks my day up. So yes, I'm gonna hate people who are fucking idiots and refuse to think for themselves. And yes on paper that's how religion is supposed to be, but in reality it affects EVERYTHING. So I'm gonna keep spewing my "hate" in hopes that it makes someone have to think critically, even if just for a second. Their point of view is not anymore valid than mine as far as opinions go. Yet being evangelistic and attempting to spread religion is seen as a good thing, but let an atheist voice his opinion and suddenly it's seen as oppression or hate speech or some other crazy shit. Crazy people need to be told they're crazy not be coddled and pretend their crazy outlook is valid. Religion is not a good thing. It encourages atrocities and stifles our growth as a people. Like the de-motivational poster said most people now think of Greek gods as mythology and disregard them entirely. Why is a newer improved god any better? Religion is self perpetrating and mass enabling lunacy.



I try not rant and get pissed off but this May 21st bullshit broke the camel's back.

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