I have just celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary with my loving wife.  I can't imagine not being married to her to but this event got me thinking.  I have several friends that are gay and are in loving long term commitments with their significant others; but they are not legally reconized as being married in the state we live in.  If you listen to the groups that oppose same sex marriage they will always state that it's a commitment between a man, a women, and god.  Since god hates "the gays" as they like to put it then they should not be allowed to be married.  Both my wife and I are atheists so does that mean that we should not be allowed to be married either since we are not making a commitment to god?  I truly wonder if the theists had their way if I would be allowed to married to my wife because we are atheists.  I think this is a good question that I'm going to start asking people who oppose same sex marriage because this will show how much is truly about a commitment to god and how much is purely homophobia.

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Comment by Eli Baston on June 12, 2011 at 3:31pm
I think you are missing the point.  We did not get married in a church either.  We had a beautiful cerimony on the beach preformed by a justice of the peace.  What I'm more concerned about is the legal disadvantages of not being reconized as a married couple.  One of my friends has two daughters, the older from a relationship when she was young and hadn't come out as being gay yet.  The younger daughter her significant other had through artifical insimination well they were together.  As far as the goverment is concerned she only has one child and has no parental rights with her youngest daughter.  There are a lot more disadvantages aswell that the religous right is willing to keep away from them.


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