Malyasian Flight 17 (MH17) investigation

After reading this report, I'm betting that the shoot down of passenger flight MH17 was accidental, even though nowhere in the report "accident" is mentioned. Yes, it was a military launch of a Russian SA-11 ground to air missile, but no, I'll bet they thought they were shooting down a Ukrainian military aircraft.

Idiots! Even I know how to predict when a passenger flight should fly over on its usual route.

So the rest of the real interesting story (to me) is about their consistent denial that they or their SA-11 missile had anything to do with it. Putin obviously knows what happened. What will he say next? As far as intentions go (after taking Crimea), I think they want more influence and dominance of the Black Sea, which would also explain their harassment of US ships (legally) there.

Here's a link to the full (but preliminary) report.

For a glimpse:

Presentation preliminary results criminal investigation MH17 28-09-2016

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Comment by Unseen on October 1, 2016 at 12:45pm

I hope I'm never on a passenger jet flying over a war zone. That was just plain stoopid. 

Actually, I'm surprised that no airliner has been taken down by a shoulder-filed missile right here in the US. It would be pretty easy to do.


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