I,m new to this site,40 years of logic says i dont need this site.wait not insulting the site,just i need no affermation of sanity.(religeon is mental illness) and you most likely dont either. i,m thinking lets challenge the pious to a fair exchange of ideas,we give say 500 to 1000 words to them that we print for our people and they give us the same.. hmmmm most the zealots i know have egos that say "when they hear the word" and maybe some will,we respond not with our "dogma" but simple questions they must answer themselves.. how many christians know who king james was? not many,why?they dont ask questions..I,m not good enuff an essayist to form our response,but i will advise a non attack gentle make them think theeme. love to hear opionions. ty jeff hogue

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