Being an active part in the death of your most beloved animal is a terrible thing. Death comes, sure. But generally it is unexpected. I know plenty of people have to do this every single day, but that does not make it any easier. You know, this has been a possibility ever since early March. Did we make the wrong decision. I just wish I could know what he was thinking. To know if everything we did was worth it. Did we just prolong his suffering? But I felt as long as he had a fight in him, fight we all would. We lost the fight. Today, at 2:45 we put him to sleep. A vet tech held him down and Dr. Lapari administered the shot while I pet him and held him. I was the last thing he saw. I just hope we made the right decision. You can never be 100% sure. I am having a rough time. I just...I am normally strong...but not when it comes to animals. I have endless empathy for them. A human, I could care less unless I am close to them. It feels so odd, coming home without Pokemon.
We had him since the day he was born. The umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. He had a heart on his side. We fell in love with him and had to keep him. He was the sweetest cat. There was a time where he got outside, and the neighbors scared him off. And he was missing for a year and 18 days...and we found him again on my birthday. He was my favorite animal. He is missed and will continue to be greatly missed.

To bring this blog to a close...I just want to bring up an interesting fact. Papa died on the first day of the semester. I had to go to Mark's class after losing Papa. And now, the very last class I have, with Mark...we had to put Poke to sleep. Funny how things work out, eh?

I feel like I am drowning...

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Comment by PeggyB on April 28, 2009 at 7:39pm
You have my deepest sympathy. Truly. I've been through the same thing more times than I want to think about. It's never easy. I held 2 of my bunnies as they died. I'd hand fed them from the time they were 2 days old. (It can happen fast with rabbits.) I still cry as hard now as I did when it happened. Remember the good times... Yeah. It really, really sucks.
Comment by Pam on April 29, 2009 at 9:10am
So sorry to hear about your kitty. :(

I lost my 11-year-old cat, Athena, a little over a month ago. I just try to think that I made her as happy as I could while she was my pet, and I'm sure you did the same for Poke. That's all we can really do is love them and care for them as best we can. It's horrible when they go, and I'm really sorry you had to make a difficult decision.

Hope you're hanging in there.
Comment by Misty: Baytheist Living! on April 30, 2009 at 12:25am
I'm sorry. :(
I'm an impulsive person by nature and HATE having to make a decision when the answer involves someone/something else that you can't get an opinion from first.
I'm going through my own crisis.
We rescued two kittens from a burned down motel. It never crossed our minds we'd go to the U.K anytime in the next few years as our jobs keep us in import friendly countries. As soon as we left Thailand, we planned on getting them pet passports so they could go with us when we do visit the U.K. That didn't happen. We have to go to the U.K now. No time to live in a buffer country. All the sudden our lives have been turned upside down, and now theirs, too. Vaccinations, desexing, providing a good home was something we could offer, but suddenly I have to make a choice to either stick them in a cage for six months and relocate them to a climate they are unaccustomed to.....or give them away so they can stay here.


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