Losing my Faith in Humanity (or: A Sanity-Preserving Rant)

This TSA bullshit is just the latest in a long line of attacks on our civil liberties, but it's really pissing me off. I wonder what it will take to finally push a thorough backlash against all of our stupid policies (formal and informal)? Seatbelt laws, helmet laws, mandatory insurance, gay military service bans, gay marriage bans, gay adoption bans, anti-prostitution laws, anti-gambling laws, the war on crime, the war on drugs, the war on terror, unfounded and illegal undeclared wars, corrupt politicians, a perverted justice system, the Patriot Act... and now, the touching (or irradiating) of our 'junk' at the airport. Am I the only one who sees this as a slippery slope getting steeper with a sharper drop-off all the time? Am I the only one who gets a shiver up the spine and starts thinking that maybe Alex Jones isn't 100% full of shit after all? Am I the the only one who realizes that the 40 different varieties of cereal available at the grocery store does not equate to real consumer choice? Will we, as a collective people, finally wake up in time to stem this tide, or will it be too late for all of the sheeple to avoid the wolves? (sigh) I have so little hope for society at this point and so little trust in my fellow human. This is truly disheartening to think that this is where we are, as a species, in the year 2010. If sense is so common, how come us humans don't seem to have any? Isn't there a next step in the evolutionary process that will allow us to actually use our brains to solve problems instead of create even more of them? At this rate, we won't need a meteor shower to drive us to extinction, we'll do the job ourselves.

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Comment by Skycomet the Fallen Angel on November 22, 2010 at 11:57am
Heh... I agree... Please join my group "Screw it! I'm moving to Canada!" You'll fit right in.
Comment by Atheist Exile on November 23, 2010 at 6:46pm
Not everything wrong in the world, or just in the U.S., is the fault of the U.S. government. Besides: the government is (allegedly) US, the people -- in that sense, we get what we, collectively as voters, deserve.

It's difficult to separate blame sometimes. Past policies might (or might not) be responsible for current problems but in the final analysis, we have to deal with the problems we've got NOW. Airport security is a prime example. It's necessary: simply to prop up the airline industry. After 9/11, airport security was essential just so most people would not be too afraid to fly.

But what stands out most for me, in your self-described rant, is your lack of alternatives. Railing against the system is one thing . . . fixing it is something entirely different.


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