I am 21 years old, and I was not raised in a church, or told to say my prayers before I wen to bed at night. To be honest, you wouldn't have known god had a presence in my childhood home at all except for a small wooden cross on the wall. My father and step mother are by self declaration Catholic, though they have never attended Mass once in my life that I know of..now on the other side of the family my mother and step father are very religious; church every sunday, prayer, etc.

  I myself, attempting to be a freethinker, and a rationalist, am, obviously an atheist. Which is why i am writing my first blog (YAY!) I have struggled with the idea of a non-existent god for a long time, since I was young. But even though I was not raised with alot of faith there was still an undertone, that nomatter what I do it never really carried the weight of questioning god, nothing could be worse. But not too long before my 20th birthday I just let go of it all stopped giving in, I told my wife that there was no god, i explained to her my reasoning and we are coming to terms with the role of god or faith in our marriage, which was never a large factor to start with.

But my true revelations about the truth of GOD came when talking to my mother just recently, she called me aside and blamed/questioned me for my younger sisters questioning of her faith, that my presence was enough to poison her. This inevitably led into an argument over the delusion of God with my mother, and she told me two things that really i cannot fathom beyond how angry they make me, (1) being that no matter what science can prove, no matter if we were able to prove without a doubt, that god did not exist, no question, she would never change her beliefs, (this was brought about by evolution, and her complete denial of it, with  no argument other that its not what the bible says), and (2) being that her and my stepfather had tossed around the notion of barring me from their house and their family simply based on the fact that i do not believe in their god.

So because I don't believe in things without evidence, I am a poison to those I love the most. This is the cost of religion to me. If your not with us then your a poison? Sorry i have to real point to this story, i don't even know how im going to react to the events yet, I jsut have no where else to tell my story to anyone who might understand or sympathize with my situation. would love to hear thoughts on how I should handle this, or if anyone else has been put in a similar situation.

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Comment by Bobby Khan on February 27, 2012 at 2:05pm

It is indeed unnerving when you talk to a parent who is otherwise intelligent, educated, worldly - and yet 100% convinced in the truth of the Quran/Bible. I have not had this 'god is a delusion' chat with my muslim parents yet, promises to be fun ;).

The point is reached where the close minded nature of true believers will prevent further debate or rational discussion. When that point is reached with a loved one, I can only see two options:

1. Accept their 'delusion', keep your opinions to yourself when in their company, and continue to live rationally and intelligently when conducting your own life. This however is not really a recipe for happiness as continual suppression is draining!

2. Maintain a dignified stance, stay true to your values and your 'beliefs' in the face of familial pressure, and hope that by your example, they will eventually acquiesce or even less likely accept that even without religion, you are still the same caring son/uncle/family member that you have always been. I have no first hand experience of this working yet though, but the optimist in me hopes it would eventually lead to a situation where they can at least 'respect' your stance.

I do not really have the answers on this one as I am struggling with similar issues myself at the moment, but I'm sure others here will be able to advise. In the meantime stay strong! Take care


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