LIVING IN VENEZUELA 3 Faith punch or Doubt punch?

ok, this was after my decomversion.
im really open whit my friends about my atheism, and im a really lucky atheist!!!
for being in a really fucked up christian country, here in my school there is 5 atheist!s!! (one made by me!! YAY)

soo yeah...
i was in school someday and me and the godless league( lol thats how the call us) where in a real thight disscusion, we where really dominanting the discussion! every thing that they sayed whe debunked it with all ease,
i love to have theological debates!

and then, a dear friend of mine, grabbed a book, a BIG, Hard Covered, i dont know what book and slamed it into the back of my head.
i saw as my glasses flew and my hair went like an explosion as she ran to the exit
i stare blankly as she left...

the next day she greet me as anything has happened
i think she pretend as anything has happened, and we where still friends

the funny part is that THAT dindt scare me, it incouraged me to keep going
i disscuss even more, even whit her. (she ussualy dont listend and get out off the room as i start)

she is the kind of christian that prays everyday, talks in tonges, and go to church everyday, yes, not only sundays

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Comment by Chetan D on April 21, 2010 at 11:52pm
Greetings Venezuelan!

At least, despite all the Christendom in your country, you guys almost unanimously elected a president- something us in the more "developed" societies have been unable to do.

I'm sorry about your situation and the fact that she hit you with that book just proves she's an idiot.
Comment by Jānis Ķimsis on April 22, 2010 at 7:57am
The book girl probably knows that she's wrong, and this makes her try to keep out anything that makes her doubt her religion.


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