OK, so this post is very long overdue. I have been struggling to keep up to my blogging duties due to the small matter of university exams. However, you will be pleased to know that they have finished, and so has my blogging hiatus. So, a welcome back is in order.

I am going to start this post by saying that I think many people turn to religion out of fear. I am not saying everyone does, just that it is a known cause for some peoples beliefs. But yes, fear. Fear of dying. The ending of the human, physical life. A natural answer to this fear is the hope of an afterlife, some place you may go in a spiritual world, namely heaven. Or even reincarnation, the belief that your soul and spirit will be born again in the form of a different living creature. All are ideas which allow us to combat the fear of dying. However, all have little or no evidence to suggest that this is the truth. I believe that these beliefs are very damaging to our world and the freedom and sanity of the human race, and, dare I say it, the safety of the human race.

I understand that this thought is scary, that if the end is really the end, then what is the point? Will you ever see your lost loved ones again? I put it to you, that Physics has the answer. An idea was put forward by an American Journalist by the name of Aaron Freeman, and it is quoted here.  The idea is that, when you die, every atom that made up the structure of your body, DNA, brain, heart and soul, lives on. It is never destroyed, rather the contrary, it is dispersed, forming new bodies, stars, planets. You become the universe, just as you were born of it. It also, using the conservation of energy laws, states that every bit of warmth radiated by your loved ones, is forever warming the universe, forever surrounding you, radiating into your life. I think these ideas are much more beautiful than the thought of an afterlife. After all, how comforting could heaven really be? Humans have an uncanny knack of corrupting anything they can get their hands on.

And finally, the best way to combat the fear of death, in my own belief, is not to consider the next life and what may or may not be there. I think it is to make the most of this life. If you can help people in your life now, learn as much as you can, live life to the fullest. Love everyone, cherish your friendships, then I believe there is nothing to be afraid of when approaching death. Because if you live life well, then you will live on in the eyes of others. They will sing your song. Paint your picture. They will read your story. You will live on through the love of others. And that, I think, is the most beautiful idea of life after death there is. A very wise man once said;

"Enjoy the life you're living, instead of worrying about the next."

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