Licensing My Dogs - Just Another One of My Blunders

It has been time to take care of this for over a year.  As a mobile home park manager I require my dog owners to have their dogs licensed with the city.  I just hadn't gotten around to do it myself.  So wrong, but true.  I deal with the city a couple of times a month with the occasional loose dog, dog bite and an array of feral cats so I do know better and John, the local Animal Control Employee knows me well.

I downloaded the paperwork and filled it out.  Searched endlessly for my missing file on dog shots, veterinary phone numbers. . .I put the file someplace I just knew I would remember, then promptly forgot where that special place was.

What was missing was the verification on my 10 year old pug, Winston, giving the date he had been neutered all those many years ago.  It was time to think outside of the box.  Gathering everything I had, it was down the road to City Hall to become a law abiding citizen once again.

I presented what I had to John, who was happy to see I was willing to exercise my local citizenship, take my $10.00 and furnish me with my two shiny new bone shaped tags.  But what about Winston?  Un-neutered dogs are an extra five dollars.

"John," I said,  "I have moved quite a bit in the last ten years and I couldn't find those papers.  However, I have Winston in the car and if you care to come out and look for yourself, you can definitely see that the old guy has no balls."

Something akin to shock, horror and confusion crossed his face momentarily then he broke into a large grin and chuckled "No, I'll trust you on that."  With that he slid my tags across the counter.  Winston and I headed home with our shiny new prizes.

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Comment by Emmy Ellison on April 28, 2011 at 10:46pm
That's just so great! <3 The poor man probably felt some pain in his nether region. Hahaha
Comment by Walter Maki on April 29, 2011 at 12:35am
Sorry but I did get a chuckle at Winston's expense- "the old guy has no balls"


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