Letter to Robert O Adair III: Zealot Extraordinaire

Note- Published in 2010. This with all articles associated with Robert Adair were removed from my Associated Content page. 

I have posted an article refuting your Cosmological Argument. It is sad that you actually have people that listen to your fraudulent ideas. If your arguments were half as strong as your ego, you might have a point to make. It angers me that you fool uneducated people with your faulty and twisted thinking. I have read many of your comments and the comments of your readership and it sickens me that people pay any attention to you. I am also deeply disturbed by the fact that your misuse of philosophy only increases the ranks of the ignorant. It is obvious that you once had some form of education but sadly you have chosen to ignore the basic tenets of reason and subjugated your mind to dogmatic belief. Your method of argument and delivery of messages only serves to prop your egotism and desire to be viewed as a scholar. Sadly, your zealot ravings only serve to undermine your Christian cause. For the few people that you capture, hundreds are turned away by your lack of civility.

I have been asked by some of my readership ‘why I have persisted in arguing with someone of your obvious low caliber thinking’.  My answer to this is simple; you do harm when you fool people with your ideas. If you are as educated as you claim, then you would understand that there are consequences for your actions. You claim to be this great Christian philosopher but proliferation of your fraudulent faulty reasoning serves only to fuel prejudice, hatred, and hypocrisy. Anyone desiring to see Adair’s Christian values with clarity, only has to read your articles and comments and take notice of how you insult atheists and people who believe in evolution. It is people like you that frighten atheists, theists, and nontheists, because left in your hands science and thought would be turned back 1000 years.


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