Here in the Islamic wacky land of Indonesia the devout are everywhere. Running too and fro  humming, mumbling, beating drums, reciting, and handing coins to beggars for everyone to see. Obsessing over Islamic rules first stated in popular hearsay manuals like Bhukari's hadith, all the while turning a blind eye to the playing out of such social taboos as homosexuality, kissing, drinking and basically any western "too free society" influence on TV daily, or on the streets of Jakarta themselves.

 Try to kiss your woman in public. Even a little peck on the cheek and the local, good, strong in faith Muslim men will lose their mind. They don't seem to be able to "hold their desire" in the face of temptation without some sort of legal process to enforce their backwards point of view. Kissing is censured out of movies because its taboo and exposure to kissing might lead one to grow up into a demon possessed near do well raper of women. No, there is no evidence of common sense anywhere!

    They claim that it is against Indonesian culture, but it is not. It is against Islamic culture, and the line between the two is blurred daily. Indonesian culture is slowly being replaced by Islamic culture until one day the only evidence of Indonesian culture will be the traditional garb worn during wedding ceremonies... preserved for posterity sake

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