as all the “elected” puppets congregate

with hands tied behind their backs

& marionette strings held in the hands of

corporate america (aka the global corporate),

they edge the tips of their toes along the

“fiscal cliff,” in order to force the

unfortunate citizens of the empire

boiling in the belly,

to tremble again---

talk of “cutting social security”

terrifies the seniors, who are disposed of

as quick as possible in this

“land of the free,”

that is, if they aren’t forced to work

until their last dying day,

in order to afford the health care that


in this pathetically dwindling

“democratic,” 1st world country,

whose only remaining strength is

an overwhelming war machine, a

vacuum, that continues to suck whatever

life is left,

from this place that so many in the world

still look upon as

a “land of opportunity”---

and those who are working

get to look forward to more tax increases,

in order to pump more money into drone attacks,

waging of wars in countries that refuse to do

our bidding

(which, by the way, will soon be flying over our

very own heads here on the domestic front,

violating any remaining “right to privacy”

which we have left),

whilst the wealthy are not touched, so as to

not dirty the dirty hands that shook all those

little puppet’s hands on their rise to

political fame---

for those who are still unemployed,

the expiration of benefits is coming &

desperation is approaching,

for those who are working a temp job,

they know all too well that their days are


before they get to face that very same

desperation, first hand---

the whole while we will continue to hear about the need to

“raise the debt ceiling” or we will go into default,

that is, we will go into default,

because we cannot pay China

(as if we can or will, ever pay back China),

China, who has been increasingly improving their

infrastructure (longest high speed rail line in the world

just opened two days ago, Guangzhou-Beijing),

China, whose own military is increasingly growing

(so that this weakening empire will have nothing

to hold over it’s sugardaddy’s head),


who holds the purse strings---




library &

get some Mandarin CD’s to listen to/study,

because it’s only a matter of time.

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