Leaked Scientology Documents Show Paranoia and Control

(via wikileaks and The Primate Diaries)
This 4-page document presents an oppressive waiver prospective Scientology cult members must sign. The document is formally titled the "Application, Declaration and General Release Declaration of Religious Commitment and Application for Membership in a Scientology Religious Order and for Active Participation on Church Staff".

The document defines the terms Scientology members must to agree to. Being very detailed the contract reflects a world view that can only be described as paranoid and repressive, e.g. by specifying:
8. I am not related to or connected with any intelligence agency, either by past history or immediate familial connection.
9. I do NOT have a parent or a guardian who is an antagonist of the Scientology religion, or of any organization devoted to Scientology applied religious philosophy.
10. I am not seeking a staff position to obtain material for dissemination to the public via press, radio, television, motion picture or other media. I do not seek to obtain data for any other organization or to disrupt the Church organization.
11. I do not have personal debts of a magnitude such that efforts to satisfy them would immediately disrupt or cause me to pull back from my commitment to the Church.

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Comment by noisician on July 26, 2009 at 10:42pm
wow, number 11 should set off some warning bells
if you don't have a lot of cash, fuck off


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