I would like to share a few reasons why I chose to be Atheist and not associate myself with any form of religion. I hope that I can be informative and that everyone who reads this will keep an open mind. The statements that I am about to make should make you realize that religion in its many forms and denominations, is the cause of millions of innocent people’s lives.

Let’s start off with something we can remember because it has not been that long since the 9/11 attacks. On September 11th, 2001 a group of Islamic Radicals, otherwise known as Al-Qaeda, nineteen hijackers took control of four commercial airliners en route to San Francisco and Los Angeles from Boston, Newark, and Washington, D.C. Over 2,700 people died during those attacks and only half of those people were able to be forensically identified.

Why did this happen? RELIGION…Radical Islam is very, very dangerous and this kind of behavior and “heroism” will land you a spot in paradise with Allah. The Koran and the Islamic religion don’t praise these acts unless they are done in the name of Allah, then they become rewarding in the afterlife. Allah means "the God"--indicating the radical monotheism of Islam. "We shall not serve anyone but God, and we shall associate none with Him" (Koran 3.64). Any division of God is rejected, including the Christian doctrines of the Trinity and the divinity of Christ.

I seriously don’t think that the 9/11 attacks would have happened otherwise unless they are still pissed about desert storm. Which was a totally different situation, I know, but that’s the only other reason that I can think of.

Now let’s travel back in time to WW2, the Holocaust, and Adolf Hitler. Hitler was an evil man and was extremely smart to the point that I think he went insane. So I can’t blame everything on religion here, but it certainly was about religion, racism, and Hitler’s horrible plan. Who did Hitler want to kill? Anyone who was not of the Arian race or religion was brutally murdered, not just Jew’s. But an estimated 6 MILLION, Jews were killed during the Holocaust. Hitler had his troops search every record in the country to find all Jews because he realized not all Jews have brown hair and brown eyes. Hitler was a Christian folks and he released the following statement when he was asked if he was an Atheist.

“Today they say that Christianity is in danger, that the Catholic faith is threatened. My reply to them is: for the time being, Christians and not international atheists are now standing at Germany’s fore. I am not merely talking about Christianity; I confess that I will never ally myself with the parties which aim to destroy Christianity. Fourteen years they have gone arm in arm with atheism. At no time was greater damage ever done to Christianity than in those years when the Christian parties ruled side by side with those who denied the very existence of God. Germany's entire cultural life was shattered and contaminated in this period. It shall be our task to burn out these manifestations of degeneracy in literature, theater, schools, and the press—that is, in our entire culture—and to eliminate the poison which has been permeating every facet of our lives for these past fourteen years."

He wanted to eliminate Atheists and Jews…etc.

If there is no religion then we don’t lose millions of people. Look at the Bible and all of the war, mass murdering, and rape. “GOD” allowed that to happen? How is that good for anyone? How can anyone possibly say that religion has any kind of positive influence?!?! Here is a passage from Joshua 6:21 “devoted the city to the Lord and destroyed with the sword every living thing in it -- men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep, and donkeys.” They burn the city and everything in it, after appropriating the precious and industrial metals for the tabernacle. Joshua even puts a curse on the ruins against anyone who would rebuild the city. Sodom and Gomorrah which are said to have been destroyed by brimstone and fire, perhaps accompanied by an earthquake, because of the indecency and perverse sexual practices of their inhabitants. “GOD” destroyed and entire city with no regard to men, women, or children. This is a direct violation of the “free will” that “GOD” is supposedly not allowed to interfere with. Those people in that city did not choose to die, they chose to be different, they chose to have an open mind and “GOD” destroyed that. How can one say that “GOD” is love, or “GOD” is hope?!?!

Folks these thoughts that I have decided to share are only scratching the surface and I could go on for days! I am not saying that Atheists are perfect or that Atheists don’t kill people. I am merely saying that there are more killings in the name of “GOD”, or whatever religious deity you pray to, then there are in the name of (man) kind.

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