I am a sophomore in college and taking summer courses to save money. I'm taking an ethics class and I swear today I wanted to flip my lid.


If I hear ONE more college educated person spout out "evolution is just a theory," I am going to fucking scream.


It ruined my day listening to one of my otherwise favorite professors.


I said nothing though, I can understand why the man may want to cling to the ideas of an afterlife, his wife (who he loves very much) has a terminal illness and has just been diagnosed with lupus. I feel sad for him because he gets choked up in class if it comes up.


If I thought prayer worked I would pray for them. Unfortunately in cases like hers the only thing I can bring myself to do is hope them.



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Comment by Steve on July 13, 2011 at 10:31am
Doesn't mean you can't speak out on the theory thing. Or talk to him in private. Don't tell him how you think religion is BS altogether, but stick to the definition of "scientific theory"


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