I just wanted to drop in and say hello to everyone here. I was pretty involved with this site last year when I was an atheist (which lasted for about two years). I’m not here to attempt to convince anyone of anything. I just grew pretty fond of some of the cool people here. When I left the site, I started to miss some of you guys like Nelson, Heather, and so on. So, I came back, pretty much just to say that. Ha!

I sincerely hope the best for all you guys no matter what ideological differences may exist. There are plenty of labels that people like to use to categorize and make sense of other people. It’s unfortunate that this leads to some false perceptions that some people have of others. I think atheists get hit with this pretty hard by religious people. For instance, some have the perception that atheists are just a bunch of angry, selfish people. Of course, that is far from accurate. Many atheists are very compassionate and selfless.

I have one analogy that I thought of awhile ago that has to do with this. Let’s say person X buys a bag of chips. Let’s say the brand name on the front of the bag is “Healthy Chips.” Of course person X, if he or she is gullible, would be led to believe that the chips are healthy. But to really discover what is in the chips, you must examine the list of ingredients. I think this is the same way with people. Just because a person claims to be a compassionate Christian doesn’t mean that person is one. Also, just because a person is an atheist doesn’t mean that person despises life or any other stereotypical perception.


Joseph Breton

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