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Threat alert: Atheist parasites infecting canned food, other acts o...

October 1, 2010funandprophet9 comments

It is a sad reality when nothing is truly sacred. Recently, the shocking news was revealed that atheist parasites are propagating themselves by holding a food drive for needy people.

Lest you think that is was an isolated incident, a Google search for “atheist food drive” brings numerous results of the same sort of activity happening in many places.

It doesn’t stop there, however. Atheist parasites have been found in other acts of goodwill as well, carefully disguising themselves as caring people who wish to help others with no benefit to themselves other than the knowledge that they have aided others in need. If you are faint of heart, then I sternly recommend that you not do a Google search for “atheist charity.”

Make no mistake – parasites do not help people. They do not live to serve others. They do not give without taking – in fact, they do not give at all, other than giving a host MORE parasites. Therefore, we can only assume that these efforts are being made solely to further the world’s infestation.

Please, if you are a person in need, check carefully before accepting aid from anyone. Make sure that they believe in some sort of deity before you take so much as a bowl of soup from them. If you hear or see the words “humanist” or “freethinker” anywhere, turn away immediately, and tell them what they can do with their free winter coat.

The faith you save may be your own.



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Comment by Ava Wilson on January 26, 2011 at 11:54am
Undoubtedly because it isn't real. It's obviously a parody/joke site made by an atheist, similar to what Edward Current does on YouTube. Tip-offs:

* Saying that if you "feel like you know too much about your religion, put down your Bible right away and call a pastor. Read only prescribed scripture until symptoms fade". (Roughly)

* Use of the terms "pseudoscience" and "superstition" with a serious tone connected to Christian beliefs, definite tip off there's an Atheist behind the blog.
Comment by Ava Wilson on January 26, 2011 at 12:26pm
Mobile phone caused double post^. Can't edit it away, I apologize!
Comment by Bobevt on January 27, 2011 at 5:29am
Thank you for your post :>
Comment by Laura Ann Johnson on January 27, 2011 at 8:21am
That is very funny. It is amazing what people make up without knowing what they are talking about to scare people (?), I guess, or to sound like they are intellectuals. That is how religion works, from what I see and hear.


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