In the last few months telling my family I truly didn't believe in what they did and I was a Atheist; I have found a lot of non acceptance. Not that I am surprised by some, but really? I am the same kind, helpful, caring person I always have been. It does sadden me that I hear such negative talk about Atheist from Christians. Christianity is based on love but yet the love is only for those who feel the same. I think I am move loving then all the Christians put together..go figure. I am happy I don't judge a person for their beliefs but for their integrity.


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Comment by Jacob LeMaster on May 27, 2011 at 3:46pm
It would be nice if Christianity was a religion based upon love but all I see is control servitude and hatred for anyone who is different than themselves.. This hatred is only hidden by the fact that some people think they can change your mind by either baiting you with honey but sooner or later they will threaten to burn you at the stake so it seems...


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