Josh McDowell: The Internet is the Greatest Threat to Christians

Josh McDowell, who some may recognize from his apologetics, (Evidence That Demands a Verdict, or More Than a Carpenter?) says that the internet is the greatest threat to Christians and their faith. It is a great little article that I can sympathize with. The internet is a great place to open your mind, to discover new things, and most importantly, to find information quickly and easily. It is also a forum to try out critical thinking skills. In this way, I know the internet was a major part of my de-conversion. I think the statistics quoted are worth a look (he's more pessimistic than most about the state of Christianity) and I think we can learn something about what a unique position we're in on the internet to corrupt the youth, as it were, to the ways of science, empiricism, skepticism, and living in reality. I hope all the children feel silly about their invisible friends when they come to the internet. I sincerely hope they grow out of it, and are moved by the vast amount of data that exists outside of the little bubble their parents have created.


I think the times are changing, and conservative Christianity is in it's final era, as well as all radical and fundamentalist versions of religion. Their coffers dry up, their pews empty, and their rhetoric gets more and more out-of-touch. I was a group leader in Campus Crusade for Christ in college for a year, for social reasons, as my faith crumbled away, like shaking dust off my shoes. I was not the only skeptic or agnostic leader, and I know the fundie-pot is more cracked and leaky than any other. He mentions that "less than four percent of evangelical born-again Christians believed the Bible was infallible in every situation," which is good news to me. I hope our presence on the internet allows us more access to those looking for a way out of religion. I hope it gives us a platform, but also confidence on the streets when people bring up their version of nonsense. Since there is no god to call on to bless what we're doing, I guess we'll just have to keep actually working towards a better world, even if it's just one blog at a time, one lurking skeptic at a time.

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