"Johnny, quit dragging your knuckles"

We are the most intelligent species on this planet. *cough* Every other species is doing its job right now to give and contribute to the best of its ability. The trees provide us with oxygen. The insects clean up the garbage. The chain of life from big to small shows up for work every single day and GIVES back to the web of life. Even the smallest little dung beetle has its purpose as a species to lend a hand in making sure the web of life is not compromised. It is a partnership that we ALL share of taking and giving. Like passing the olympic torch, except in this case, we’re exchanging breath into one another’s lungs and keeping one another alive. We take and we give. Take, give. A five year old could grasp this concept. Sadly, it would seem that the older some human beings get, their egos swell and become larger than their brain and they inadvertently go off the path and find their way back to the dark ages of knuckle dragging and chest pounding. And they jeopardize the web of life for everyone. You. Me. And all the billions of species that exist and likely depend on our “great intelligence” to do our part and to get it right. (100 years from now, a more evolved breed of human being who chose to exercise that great muscle in their noggin called a brain will likely have discovered that human beings do have breeds and not just divided by race, but by the way in which they behave. We have different breeds of apes (of which we are), different breeds of cats, dogs, spiders, etc. It seems logical to me that the species of humans would also have different breeds and if we take a stroll through our history books, we would certainly see the evidence. But hey, I’m just a science junkie, I’m not a freaking genius. And I’m sure the egos of the knuckle draggers will do everything in their power to dismiss this claim and continue to rally together to invoke fear into their knuckle dragging followers to raise their clubs and pound their chests and ensure nobody is the wiser. Like every other breed of species, it comes down to survival of the fittest. Except most species only bear their teeth when absolutely necessary and ego has nothing to do with it. Interestingly, to me anyway, the narcissistic breed of human is the only breed of any species that is so egotistical and self absorbed that he truly believes the entire universe actually revolves solely for the purpose of his benefit.

I am ashamed to be amongst the human species some days. I think it would be far less stressful to not carry the weight of knowledge. Ignorance is bliss, right? Oh, how lovely to be a butterfly, fluttering about under the warm sun, catching a ride on the tail of a cool breeze, sipping nectar from the wild blooms of a mountain’s edge and every now and then giving my legs a vigorous kick to scatter some pollen about. Happily doing my part in the web of life and utterly content that every other species will also be doing its part. Ah, yes… Somedays, I would give anything to be completely ignorant.

But I’m not. Sadly, I am a human with a brain. And so here I sit, heavy with the burden of knowledge that there is a breed amongst my species that is slowly but surely stripping our darling blue dot and doing a fine job of clearing the slate of human spirit with its great and mighty dark aged clubs. And what do I do? I’ve tried whining about it – absolutely useless. I’ve wept a river – again, useless. But, there is a sprig of hope because I deliberately surround myself with other like minded humans (like YOU!) who have some unique and infectious sparkle about them and a brilliant gift for muting the heavy thuds of the chest pounding knuckle draggers. You inspire me. You give me a reason to stand UP and do MY part every single day, despite how dismal and laborious the path ahead may seem. So today, I’ve decided to do my part. Despite how blind my vision or determination may seem, I’m going to do it anyway. I’m a feisty girl, what can I say… I simply won’t allow fear or doubt to cripple me. I would rather give my last breath climbing a mountain of doubt than to live paralyzed by fear. My mother told me once that as long as you have fear, you know you are alive. We have a choice every single day: we can either stand UP or we can lay down. Our choice. My choice. Your choice.

I choose to stand Up. And not just because dragging my knuckles ruins my perfectly lovely nails, but because I believe the human species can be saved. So here’s my plan (part 1):

1. I’m going to kick that skeptic wall of doubt right in the kisser and say with vigour, “Screw you, fear! You’re not the boss of me!!” (I love that saying, I use it often. You should try it right now. Use your outside voice, it’s more fun that way.)

2. Then I’m going to write a letter to every single MLA as well as the Prime Minister. I’ve done it before, I can do it again. (Feisty!) The letter is going to simply be something genuine expressing my interest in ensuring our children and our Country take a leading role by adding the subject of Human Compassion to Canada’s Educational curriculum. Does that sound crazy? So did the Act of No Discrimination 50 years ago, but people gathered, they stood up and insisted in the interest of Human Compassion – and it got done. This is simply taking that Act one step further. This is called Social Evolution, I think. I just made that up.

3. The letter is also going to request that the Act of Discrimination be updated. Even the Constitution should be revisited. Religion needs to be removed from its language, not because it has no right to be there, but because everyone should have the equal right to their personal belief or non-belief system. Presently, the language in our Constitution does not speak for every Canadian, and even those amongst religion have different God’s, so we should not be singling out any one God in the Constitution or OUR Country of which is vast with multicultural beliefs and non-beliefs. THAT, to me, is discrimination. If Religion must be named, than the word “God” be replaced with “Religionist belief”. Christian or Non-Christian should be replaced with Religionist or Non-Religionist. Nobody gets favoured, nobody gets hurt.

4. The letter will also request a No Hate policy enforcing ZERO tolerance against idealistic discrimination. For example: activists for pro-life have the best interest at heart; however, the message of compassion is moot when the quality of life of an ALREADY living and breathing woman must be compromised by the dictatorship of someone else’s ideals (lesson #1) and certainly beating and killing doctors is hardly on the fast-track of promoting compassion for life (lesson #2). Canada already supports pro-choice, I just used this example to prove a point of how slippery the slope of “ideals” can become. No one person or group should have the right to compromise the ideals of another person or group when it contradicts the Act of Human Compassion.

Canada already has a firm policy on Discrimination, but don’t let that lead to complacency. If we get lazy, our web of life will be compromised. We only have to look to the south to see that. And don’t think for one second that activists of various causes aren’t watching right now and taking notes. Many see America as a big brother to Canada, so to speak. This must change. We need to lead by example and we need our leaders to be on board, or we could very well find ourselves in a very similar and dismal reality. More and more I am hearing the comparison between America and Iraq. Ironically, those two countries judge one another as being the most hateful and arrogant. I suspect they are both right. They are sadly so consumed with the sparkly metal of “Who’s Stronger and Richer and Better” that they have become blind with egotistical hate and something as trivial (to them) as Human Compassion isn’t even considered a bullet point on their agenda.

So I challenge YOU, free thinkers of the future, to stand UP and take a lead too, in the interest of preserving our web of life. If you have the links already to the MLAs of Canada, please share them, here. if not, I’ll post them when I get a chance this week. I have other ideas, but for now, this will do. One step at a time. Don’t wait for someone else to do it – let’s stand UP and gather our voices and use our governance to our favour. Power is in numbers. It is absolutely 9/10 of any law regardless of the jungle. And friends, any worthwhile change that has ever taken place in government has not been accomplished by politicians… it has been achieved by the power of numbers. Politicians do not change the world. You do. I do. We do.

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Comment by Vonnie Girl on November 8, 2010 at 11:29pm
Thank you, Neal. I plan to! :D


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