most men who cry silently

about the size of their cock,

do their best to compensate

by getting a big truck with a

huge sound system, so that

they can parade down the street

to show the whole world what a

big strong man they are---


some men want to prove to the

guy’s driving the big trucks

that their dicks are even bigger,

so they have to get guns &

in america,

little itty bitty teeny weeny penis boys




feel the need to march into a J.C. Penney

with an AR-15 strapped to their back &

a glock strapped at their side to boot,

to prove to the world that

they will avenge the weak in the face of

what they personally deem to be


and because he was a hired killer in the


the sheep cheer him on,

believing that he’s

“one of the good guys”---

this cowboy

strutting his stuff in the middle of

fucking Utah,

speaks for all the cowboys in the empire

who think that they should be able to

carve this place into their little moral


emulating the way america treats the world,

with its cock out & it’s gun loaded,

forcing everyone to do it’s bidding

neath’ the guise of


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