Jesus' "Sacrifice" Wasn't THAT Great

I was talking with my wife (also an atheist) the other day about Jesus. It suddenly dawned on me that his "sacrifice" wasn't really all that great. In fact, Jesus was kind of a jerk about it.

If you were told by god that you could save all of humanity that ever existed, exists, and will exist in the future from everlasting torture, wouldn't you be willing to do that? Then you hear the simply being tortured and humiliated for one day, and dying, you win everyone's salvation. You still do it, right? You would really have to hate people not to take god up on that offer. I'm talking about a true misanthrope.

Now add to that the story that Jesus is god and therefore knows he gets to live again in 3 short days. Then just 40 days after that he gets to be lifted to everlasting awesome in heaven, sit right next to his dad, and be worshiped forever. Now his "sacrifice" is even less impressive. I'd definitely take god up on that offer. Wouldn't you?

Now add to that the story about Jesus in the Garden of Gathsemane praying and asking god if he could possibly maybe please not require him to die but you know if it is what god ultimately wants then fine. WTH? Plus he's whining at his exhausted friends that they have to stay awake and pray for him too. I understand being afraid, but he gets to save all of humanity and then go to heaven. This should be awesome! They should have stayed at the Last Supper party and had a few more glasses of wine to celebrate.

So in the end it seems like Jesus did what any decent human being would have done. It wasn't that great, and certainly doesn't earn him everlasting praise. There are plenty of people who have sacrificed themselves for way less than ALL of humanity. Firemen, police, military, parents, perfect strangers etc. etc. etc. do it every day.

I could also get into what a jerk god is for requiring Jesus' death instead of just, you know, forgiving humanity and not punishing the masses for the sins of Adam and Eve. Practice what you preach and all that. But that's another post...

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Comment by Apple on December 2, 2009 at 12:40pm
You're forgetting the 11th commandment: Do as I say, not as I do.
Comment by Gaytor on December 2, 2009 at 1:22pm
Why would Jesus need people to pray for him? "Please convince me to protect me and full fill my own desires. Keep chanting it to yourself until I'm convinced!"
Comment by Frink on December 3, 2009 at 11:58pm
Comment by Kristi on December 13, 2009 at 12:22pm
What you wrote is in precise words one of the many thoughts that eventually led to my leaving the faith. Nicely done!
Comment by Jskaggs on December 13, 2009 at 1:11pm
I fully agree. However, I do remember I was taught when I was growing up that the Garden scene was Jesus' human side coming out (that spectacular example of duality) and that his fear and prayers was resulting from his separation of God. The Christians I know would explain it in those terms, relatively.
Comment by CJoe on December 14, 2009 at 2:13am
This is what I think: anyone who accepts Jesus as their Savior is a horrible person and a coward.

Assuming we have something to be forgiven for and that we are as bad as God makes us out to be, isn't it really shitty of us to let some guy take our punishment for us? Think about it. You're in court and are guilty of some heinous crime; you're convicted and your punishment is the electric chair. Out of nowhere, some dude is like, "Hey, I'll sit in that chair for you! I love you sooo much I'm willing to take your place!"

First of all, this concept completely defeats the purpose of punishment. What good is it going to do ANYone for the criminal to get off scot-free? The criminal certainly learns nothing about consequence for one's actions, and society is still at risk. If anything, this only encourages the criminal to continue "sinning" because they know they can get away with it!

Secondly, what kind of asshole lets someone die for them?! It's not the same as having someone jump in front of a bullet for you. No decent human being would yank someone into the path of an oncoming bullet to protect their self, even if they knew that person would gladly die for them anyway. Sure, maybe Jesus still has eternal paradise to look forward to, but still... letting someone get tortured on your behalf is disgusting.

Thirdly, why sacrifice what is allegedly perfect for the sake of what is allegedly worthless and vile? I get that Jesus loves everyone even though we apparently suck, but... the whole thing make zero sense. If God is against that which is evil, why does he sacrifice himself in order to allow it to persist in living? It's like the whole question of Satan's existence: if Satan is so evil, why does God let him live? Why does God let evil continue... even going so far as to DIE TO SAVE IT?!

Sorry, but the entire foundation and premise of the Bible seems evil in and of itself. I think it goes against everything which is natural. If there is such thing as evil, that Book is the greatest example of it in history. It's actually brilliantly executed... no one suspects a thing, 'cept us evil atheists.
Comment by CJoe on December 14, 2009 at 2:16am
P.S. I do not advocate the electric chair, in case that isn't clear... haha :)
Comment by Larry Carter Center on December 19, 2009 at 6:52am
Fucking Geezus Kryste! I always blew off this shit as a kid. Just more crazy big words from big people. But when my sister took me to the movies, my eyes were really opened. Ben Hur. The Robe. 10 Commandments. And don't forget the Scrooge movies. Kinda wraps all the Jewish Xian Xmas shit into one big steaming sweaty pile of drunken disgusting cigarette addicted shit again. But with such vivid imagery! I was cheering for those pretty white horses in Ben Hur, not Moses recast as Judah Ben Hur. Of course I heard all the talk from Gore Vidal, screen writer that the evil Roman with the wheel hub spikes was gay and just luuuuuuuvvvvved Chuck Heston TO DEATH? All that lascerated skin, broken bones, blood filled lungs gasping for breath, real inspiring shit alright, please take me to church right now so I can get baptized? Fucking give me a break, I am 8 years old gawd dammit! Fucking Soviet Rusky Atheists go to hell. How the fuck are "us" missionaries going to get into Russia to "witness" to some godless commie so they won't burn forever? I just kept thinking how fair is all of this to a kid my age, or one of my baby cousins? I always had something better to go to:...... Disney science films, Old Yeller, wise old Davie Crockett and my Einstein biography, I read and re-read how smart he was and he was no xian. No I loved MR Hemo, explaining the science and observations on human/mammal blood, so much like sea water. Real stuff, evolving stuff, not magic violent insane stuff. About the only thing I liked about Jeebus was him using a cat o 9 tails whipping "money changers" and over turning tables, now theres a hero come to the rescue, clean up this fucking mess, I just got rid of the assholes who are selling lies. I just ignored the rest when Jeebus started telling lies. Look at it this way folks, they been hanging horse thieves for centuries. Jeebus said to get that "colt and ass" which the two guys did and then Jeebus, miracle walk on water boy that he is, rides one foot on the donkey and the other foot on the young horse. That'll proove I'm Jehovah's bastard kid! Can anyone really say they ate this shit up as children? Or were folks so scared of burning in hell just for thinking, everyone was dissociative on all that scary stuff? My dad took me hunting when I was two. I saw the life and light go out in the eyes of quail, rabbits, pheasants and squirrels. Saw the fresh hot flesh of skinned mammals and plucked birds. A nail in the feet and 2 nails in the wrists with a spear in the gut, that's no big deal. Fuck all this violence, I became a vegetarian, loved my real garden, not the Eden shit, eatin, garden of eatin


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