Came across this upon the Exposed web page.
You have to watch these people. They will stop at nothing, and I mean NOTHING to get their way.

Enjoy the video.

Of course, I refer to Intelligent Design (ID) as, "I Dumb."

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Comment by SabreNation on July 29, 2009 at 9:09am
I read about this case before (actually, if I remember correctly, it is brought up in Dawkins' The God Delusion)

That's why I don't understand how all this debate about Intelligent Design can even be allowed to go on. The Supreme Court has already declared that it is unconstitutional to teach creationism in schools. Anyone with even HALF a brain can see that ID is nothing but a rebranding of creationism so why is the even on the table to be debated?

It was decided 22 years ago that the whole thing was a sham to sneak religion into science classes yet the religious right is allowed to ignore the decision of the Supreme Court simply because they changed the NAME of it?

I certainly hope when this issue makes it BACK to the Supreme Court (as seems inevitable at this point) that the words used by the Justices are much more stern and make it 100% clear that any future attempts to simply rebrand this false science will be viewed as a conscious effort to undermine the power of the US Supreme Court and will be met with HARSH legal consequences.
Comment by Matthew on July 29, 2009 at 12:03pm
Nova had an excellent program about this whole trial. If you have 2 hours to spare (in 10 minute chunks) I would highly recommend you check it out here.
Comment by River Otter on July 30, 2009 at 9:20am
Everyone should check out Nova's documentary that [b]Matthew[/b] has linked. There is MUCH you can learn from it. It covers the religious rights main arguments for ID and debunks them, and then goes on to show how dishonest the school board in Dover Pennsylvania really was.

This is an EXCELLENT documentary. Check it out.


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