I’m going to choose to be more serious on this one…sorry! Link to the story on bottom. I think the important question shouldn’t be whether or not Jesus died on a cross but rather, whether or not he even existed? Furthermore, if he did exist, does that still mean the stories that surround him are anything more than mythical exaggerations attached to a mortal man who was nothing more than a good preacher and humanitarian? Even today there is a living Guru with hundreds of thousands of followers in India who has many of the mythical claims ascribed to Jesus that his followers claim he can do. He was born of a virgin, can walk on water, etc., etc. No doubt, his abilities can be written in a book and in the future claimed to be factually correct, mysticism and all, because the places mentioned and non-mystical events can be confirmed. This is in a time of a more literate, scientifically knowledgeable, and skeptical society. Put this same situation in a less knowledgeable society, never mind the fact that there are very little (if any?) accounts of Jesus outside the bible and those accounts in the bible are written long after the death of Jesus. How this is reliable is beyond me!? The fact that something this important to the story is in question to this day shows another major problem with the translation from one language to another and interpretation. It’s bad enough that the accounts of Jesus were written long after his death, let alone being unsure of how your “savior” actually died.


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Comment by willailla on June 28, 2010 at 11:42am
Yes, exactly right. There is not one contemporary account of Jesus' life. Only later sources based entirely of hear-say and out and out fraud. None of the NT anonymous writers knew him. And many of the actions attributed to Jesus were taken from pagan myths.
Comment by EricT on June 30, 2010 at 2:52pm
I agree, well put!


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