Why Is It Not Enough.

Just To Be A Good.

And Decent Person.

Why Must We Also Be Subscribed To A God.

I Treat People With Respect.

And Kindness.

I Don't Go Out Of My Way To Cause Other People To Feel Bad.

Why Is Being Good.

For The Sake Of Being Good.

Not Good Enough For Some People?

Why Must We Accept Jesus.

And Accept God.

Why Do We Need Them In Order For Our Goodness To Have Any Sort Of Value.

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Comment by dermot heaney on March 25, 2012 at 2:23am

totally agree. If there is a god... and he is beyond our comprehension. So far beyond it would be like giving a physics lesson to a field rodent. I think being a good person is probably the best thing we can do. Maybe the test of existing beyond death is to accept the complete existence of this life without believing in a talking snake or the fires of damnation and all that other lovely speculation. I think we would all like a after life...but i think we are merely rodents following a nice book if we claim to comprehend one. I wonder when did religion hijack the word 'good', i thought plato had that one first!


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