..it gives you hope? what are you hoping for?..

It strikes me as odd, the fact that so many people claim they need religion because it gives them hope.. it saves them from feeling alone. Is this such a horrible notion that you need to convince yourself of a divine being, supervising your every move? I have spent the last few hours going from feeling sad and alone, to being happy and appreciating the people i love.. I did not need a god to push me from one state of mind to another, nor did i fear being alone enough to run next door and wake my best friend up. Nowadays, it is so rare to be truly alone, to be able to truly sink into your own thoughts, that people seem to fear it! Why? How can you claim to truly know yourself if you spend every waking minute preoccupied with avoiding loneliness? Why is it that people who claim to know redemption and forgiveness cannot spend any time sinking into their own thoughts, absorbing every one of them and adoring every minute of it? How is it that i can love myself enough to actively seek out loneliness on occasion, when I don't have a divine being supervising my mind? Loneliness is a gift, so is the ability to reflect, even if it is in the end, just an illusion of the causally determined brain. I say forget your gods, you don't need them! Every human mind is capable of such extraordinary things, so embrace them; worship your existence, not your delusion!

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Comment by Darkstar on February 16, 2009 at 1:36am
Chrisopher Hitchens said that if there existed a God who answered prayers and intervened in human affairs, “we would be living under an unalterable celestial dictatorship that could read our thoughts while we were asleep and convict us of thought crime and pursue us after we after are dead, and in the name of which priesthoods and other oligarchies and hierarchies would be set up to enforce God’s law.” Essentially, we’d be living in a supernatural Orwellian world.


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