Israeli Holocaust brought to you by.... America

A documentary (story) has come out exposing that in 1951 America paid the Israeli’s to irradiate Moroccan Sephardi children. The children were being taken to school trips by the government and unbeknownst to the parents, they were unwitting pawns in x-ray experiments. The children were exposed to 35,000 times the allowable x-ray limits. Of course this was to test the results… Sounds very much like the stuff the Nazi’s did.
Many of the children (6000) died shortly after the experiments. Others have lived and developed a range of problems. One entire family of three children died of the same brain cancer. Headaches, mental disorders, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, amnesia, psychosis, etc. 100,000 children were exposed to these experiments.
The Israeli’s were cash strapped. The Americans provided them with 7 x-ray machines and 300 million lira at a time when the national health care budget of Israel was 60 million lira. It would clearly seem that neither the American’s nor the Israeli’s had any respect for life. I find this shameful and hope that the news gets a running start here. We should know the full depravity of this. How many other experiments were there like this?
Is it a coincidence that the Nazi’s chose to do experiments on people that they felt superior to? Is it a coincidence that the American’s and Israeli’s performed these experiments on people they felt superior to? What’s the commonality? I’m going to just throw out the idea of an Abrahamic God. Through out much of the Bible God tells his chosen people to enter a city and give the people the option of slavery. If they don’t choose it, the slay them all. Jesus refers to a woman Cannanite woman as a dog. The Good Book often refers to groups other than the chosen as less valuable. This subrogation and hate cannot be tolerated. Not even for that holy grail, Faith. We cannot value an idea that gives people hope over the actual murder of children.
Is this the picture of America fucking the sheep that has tied our two countries together. I for one would be happy to say peace be with you Israel and let them support themselves. Between 76 and 03 we gave Israel 140 billion. This year we have given 2.55 billion. Why should we give them continued support? Why does any country receive support for decades from the US? The Rev put up a story from 1967 where the Israeli’s attacked a US surveillance ship because they were about the commit an atrocity. They had prisoners of war and to properly execute the six day war they needed to kill them rather than hold them as prisoners. We tolerated it and didn’t retaliate. There must be a goat fucking picture for us to put up with this relationship. I for one hope this is it so that our government can loosen or even break those ties. I’m not blaming Israel alone. It sounds like two kids who can’t see what they are doing because they are blinded by an unerring support of each other. Is it as simple as we are a bad influence on each other? Show us the full picture and let’s move on.

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