Islam: Why the Separation of Church and State Must be Absolute

With license from God to wipe out cities, kill all the males and take all the females, the Old Testament is every bit as violent and hateful as the Quran (if not more so). But modern Judeo-Christian religions and their adherents ignore these antiquated verses. Islam, on the other hand, has not enjoyed the same kinds of reforms that Christianity and Judaism have. Extreme violence might be shared by both scriptures but, as a percentage of text, the Quran exhorts the faithful to violence more than does the Old Testament. The big difference, in the modern world, is that many Muslims -- unlike their Christian counterparts -- cite their scripture's violent verses to justify militancy and terrorism, with tragic and disastrous results.

Perhaps the biggest reason that Islam seems unreformable is its veneration of Muhammad. Muhammad is held up as an example of a perfect man. With such a violent, lustful, devious, and greedy (for booty) example of perfection, it's no surprise that Western and Islamic values are at loggerheads. Muhammad's main source of income came from raiding caravans and villages and from selling his prisoners as slaves.

Combine this with the societal effects of Islamic subjugation of women and you have a self-reinforcing religious/legal/political ideology of dominance and submission that the West just can't understand or accept.

The abject subjugation of Muslim women renders half of Islam's population minimized. With their pathetic position in the home and in society, Muslim women are valued less than the children they raise and not much more than slaves. Muslim men grow up with an unhealthy perception of women. The resulting neuroses and insecurities explains why Muslim men aren't expected to control their urges and why their women must be covered up and hidden away. The ranks of Jihadis are swelled with sexually frustrated men from societies poisoned by the subjugation of their women.

Thanks to Muslim immigrants, Western Europe is waking up to the failure of multiculturalism. The pluralistic U.S. must learn a lesson from Europe and make no concessions of any kind to Islam or Muslims (or any other religion for that matter). To avoid hypocrisy, the separation of church and state must be absolute. We should do away with the remaining references to God (in our money, courthouses, oaths of office, etc.) and reinforce our commitment to secular government. I read somewhere that, if Muslims made up 10% of the population, it would only take 57 years for them to attain a majority if the current birth rates of Westerners (1.4 children) and Muslims (3.8 children) remain unchanged. If that's true, then now is a good time to separate state and religion as absolutely as possible.

When President Bush declared that "extremists have hijacked Islam", he had it backwards: it's Islam that has hijacked extremists. The root problem is not the adherents: it's the religious/legal/political ideology of Islam.

Islam is a rabid dogma.

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Comment by Mario Rodgers on August 5, 2010 at 3:44pm
There's still no such thing as a Christian democracy either.

Separation of church and state is not to protect religion from the government. It's to protect the government from religion!
Comment by Atheist Exile on August 6, 2010 at 2:18am
Yes, any and all religions need to be separated from government. Islam (which I see as a potential threat to freedom across the world) isn't even close to "critical mass" in the U.S. . . . which is why NOW is a good time to batten down the hatches and secure our government from any and all religious influence.
Comment by Atheist Exile on August 6, 2010 at 2:20am
Hey Mario,

. . . or . . . it's to protect our citizens from theocracy (government plus religion). Or maybe I'm saying the same thing as you?


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