A discussion that got under my nerves and electrically shocked me into a spastic fit and eye twitches about the hit Fox t.v show "Glee", and, personally, I find that only until recently has there been a decent representation of gay teens on T.V/Movies, if any had been made at all in the past.

In this video, you'll see Bryan Fischer, director of American Family Association, which as you all know upon hearing, has to do with some sort of bigotry and propagating intolerance of irrelevant issues, making mountains of mole hills at every turn.

Here, he tries to make his argument appealing by giving made up statistics, saying, basically, that any representation of gays on t.v that doesn't lead to doing hardcore drugs, and a miserable life acquainted with incurable sexual diseases and/or suicide is influential, and is based for the purpose of advertising homosexuality, tampering with our adolescents sexuality and.. It's just too gay to be put on t.v in a time slot before bed time.

As the anchor concurs, by making an analogy of Coca Cola product placement in movies, and gays on TV being for the sake to allure more people into the homosexual lifestyle, because we all know that everyone who's ever been straight, wouldn't have been able to maintain that image, if not for product placement, and, well... the good-hearted, god blessed, heterosexual people, much like the fine lot on Fox News.



An interesting youtube vlog about the same issue by Zjemptv: http://youtu.be/EryWwzQ5EOg

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Comment by IEatDinosaurMeat on April 30, 2011 at 12:00pm

Just put it on the TV and say "straight liberals are watching and they aren't turning gay, why are you?" or even better "Joey liberal let his kids watch and they aren't gay, why would your sons turn gay?"

I have family that, if they knew I supported homosexuality, they would probably have all sorts of fits but I guess a god making up strange rules about every little thing that could possibly be imagined would have rules about who you should love and who you should not.

Comment by Tiago Martins on April 30, 2011 at 12:34pm

Seriously, are these guys so damn insecure of their sexuality? As I can see no other reason for them to be so intolerant with a lifestyle that really doesn't affect them and is none of their damn business! 

Comment by Darrell Mont on April 30, 2011 at 12:52pm
"You put a soda in a movie and a few seconds later everyone is thirsty for that brand" OMG WTF!?!?! Doesn't she have a mind of her own? That has to be the single dumbest sentence ever uttered on Fox News. Also, the Christian guy says that "91% of AIDS cases are from Homosexuality and IV drug users." This is a really common statistics trick. Everyone just heard him say "91%" and "homosexuality" on a show about homosexuality. No one will actually go look it up becuase he's an authority and Christians are use to listening to authority figures without question or verification. However, if you look at this link from the CDC http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/resources/factsheets/us.htm and separate the two categories, you find that 53% of new cases are from homosexual male-on-male contact. Not nearly as impressive a statistic. I could not find anything on the FDA repealing the ban on gay men giving blood but I did find this quote. The American Red Cross has said the FDA’s ban on blood donations from gay men is “scientifically and medically unwarranted.” A LifeSouth official even said publicly in 2009 he would be “completely comfortable” if the FDA reversed its blatantly discriminatory policy." http://www.alligator.org/opinion/columns/article_6dbb0b88-29d3-11e0....
Comment by Jewelz on April 30, 2011 at 7:48pm

Darrell, what the Christian man actually said was 91% of MALES diagnosed with AIDS contracted it through homosexual behavior or IV drug use. This stat is probably correct. Female-to-male heterosexual transmission risk is extremely low compared with male-to-male risk. From this single, totally clear statistic, we have no choice but to conclude that gay males are living a lifestyle that is indeed as dangerous as IV drug use and shouldn't be glamorized on a teen show.


Let's look at more statistics and draw other scientifical conclusions so we can encourage healthy behavior in our kids, like consumerism, celebrity worship, and staying inside to watching more TV shows. The CDC chart says women account for 87% of heterosexuals who contract HIV annually. This stat makes sense. Male-to-female heterosexual transmission risk is extremely high compared with the almost 0% female-to-female risk. Throw in a few of the non-gender specific 12% IV drug users and it's most probably definitely certain that over 90% of FEMALES with HIV contract it through heterosexual behavior or IV drug use.


From this other single, totally clear statistic, we must also conclude that the heterosexual lifestyle is clearly as dangerous as IV drug use for our teen girls. And regardless of how God feels about those evil gay junkies, he definitely LOVES lesbians! When's the last time you heard of an AIDS outbreak in a lesbian community? NEVAR! Lesbianism must be sanctioned by GOD.


So by Fox's logic, Glee is simultaneously too gay and not gay enough. If needs to be less gaymosexual to stop spreading the gay to our straight male teens, but more lesbosexual to subliminally convert our teen girls in order to keep them safe.


Comment by BadHandshakers on April 30, 2011 at 9:42pm

@Tiago Martins I agree, my explanation of it is that, it's the only way they could have a stake in a fight, that wouldn't exist if not for them taking issue of it, and making it personal, spewing all sorts of nonsense like "in the protection of children" or "to help disease prevention", and in turn only showing their insecurities, and perhaps, sexual confusion.


@Kasu Why wouldn't you recommend it? Please elaborate. I have seen a couple of episodes of the show, or so, and I can't say that I have kept an eye for stereotypes, but what can i say in response to the video, is that doesn't at all glamorizing, it just doesn't demonize it either, and that's, put in clearer terms,  what Fischer takes issue with. On a side note, the U.S version of the t.v series skins that premiered on MTV, took out one of the best gay teen characters to ever be on t.v, and replaced it with a female character, for God only knows what reason.


Haha, right, Jewelz. Stats could go both ways, too. Not gay enough, indeed.

Comment by BadHandshakers on May 1, 2011 at 4:59pm

Well put Feenstra. When he said, "this is the second decade of the twenty first centurey", it hit me! why are we still putting up with this shite, again?!


Judith: Oh, don't feel silly, I can't remember who was it who said "I get my comedy from FoxNews and my news from comedy central", but I couldn't put it better myself. I disagree, though, with the premise that having violence on t.v, video games, etc. would influence adolescents or otherwise to do likewise.


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