In Moscow more that 204 parishioners at an Orthodox church became ill after drinking Holy Water. The Holy Water was obtained from a stagnant lake. Story So far it appears that no one has died.

Now to pick on the victims. Maybe if you didn't spend your Sunday's getting lessons from a Bronze Age God, you would move forward in life and understanding. Adding water treatment drops could have helped the potability of the water. But that would require some science and we know how reason reacts when mixed with religion. Instead you prayed the evil away.

Take this experience as a lesson that the GOD of SCIENCE will smite you if you ignore him for Yaweh. Yaweh is a lesser god and his words are not to be trusted. Find your local scientist and ask them how bacteria grows in stagnant water. When you have found this great teacher, follow him. Give him money for lessons and when you reach gnosticism in regards to the GOD of SCIENCE, see what you think about Yaweh then go back and save another follower of Russian Orthodoxy from this horrible fate at the hands of Yaweh. One at a time we will save you!

I wonder if Mike Adams thinks that the water was bad due to prior bad memories in the water?

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Comment by Gaytor on January 25, 2010 at 4:17pm
The mixture would be too weak for the children. Oh no... I took the joke too far.

My wife is Czech and Grog (warm water and rum) is traditional. I had it once at about a 2/3 rum to 1/3rd water mix. I couldn't get it down and my wife had to call me a girl. Poor weak American. My brother in law drinks JD straight, all night. I just don't get it.


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