Hi. My name is Sommer.  I'm 33 and married to Brian M


I was raised Lutheran.  If you know anything about the different types of Lutheran churches, then you'll understand the next bit.  My parents started out attending a Missouri Synod Lutheran church.  First is was Zion Lutheran in St. Charles, MO.  Then it was Spirit of Christ in St. Peters, MO.  Next it was Immanuel Lutheran in Wentzville, MO.  Finally they ended up at an ELCA church - Living Lord Lutheran in Lake St. Louis, MO.


A lot of church changes, right?  Let me explain.  I guess my parents started at Zion Lutheran because they liked it there.  It was a drive, but where we lived wasn't as built up as it is today.  I went to preschool there.  I remember liking preschool, and I was confused why I wasn't going to full time school there.  Now I realize it's because my parents didn't have to money to send me to a private school.  I'm very grateful for that.


We left Zion Lutheran for Spirit of Christ because my mom's cousin was the pastor of this new church.  My parents became heavily involved with the church because of this.  My dad was my Sunday school teacher for a few years.  I joined the children's choir.  Eventually, though, we left the church.  The Missouri Synod and the congregation at Spirit of Christ didn't look to kindly upon my my mom's cousin getting a divorce.


So next we joined Immanuel Lutheran.  The only reason we joined is because my parents friends went there.  That church is the most clique-est church.  My friend, who unfortunately went to the private school there, was passed up as Salutatorian in favor of a student who's family was more prominent in the church.  This student had failing grades.  This incident pissed me off.  I was glad when my parents left the church in favor of Living Lord.


My parents have been members of Living Lord since I was in 11th grade.  I actually liked it there.  Yeah, you had some people who were heavily involved with the church who looked down on people who weren't involved.  I joined the youth group there.  It's not that I was all down with the fun church activities that the youth group brought.  I just wanted to pad my college application.  That's the 100% real reason.


That's the cycle of my church going.  My brother and I hated going to church every Sunday.  It took away from sleeping in and just having fun on the weekends.  We both hated Sunday school.  I hated it because we had to sing songs and do hand motions with them.  I felt too conformist having to do all of that.  When I entered into the workforce via Burger King, I volunteered to work early on Sundays, just so I didn't have to go to church.  Of course, I never told my parents this was the reason.


This is the beginning of my journey to being an atheist.  Since I'm sure your eyes have gone cross right now, I'll save the "how i became an Atheist" explanation for another post.

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Comment by Kenneth Montville D.D. on May 13, 2011 at 2:04pm
Interesting. My upbringing involved church jumping too but we jumped denominations as well. My family started out with us attending Christ Episcopal Church where I was baptized and attended Sunday School, we were constantly pressured by my father's family to attend St. Mary's Catholic Church but finally ended up at the North Uxbridge Baptist Church where I attended youth studies and bible camp before leaving the church entirely.
Comment by Aaron LaBrash on May 13, 2011 at 2:17pm

Ohhh... I'm sorry, I thought this was an introduction to Windows ME.


Very nice story, and not too too far off from what happened to me. Glad we could both arrive here as Atheists :)


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