I'm not usually one to burden a stranger with my problems.  Nor am I keen on sharing personal information with, anyone really. But it was suggested to me by an associate of a colleague to start a blog. I think my life is fairly interesting. I do not however think it a good use of another's life to read about my own unless there is some point to it. I kept a journal once, long ago. However, once I looked back on any previous entry I was incredibly disappointed with my past self and dearly hoped that I had evolved since then. Upon reflection, I now consider that this may be the purpose of a journal. Even if such were to be the case, I do not consider myself to be a journal person. I am more of a log person. Logs are nice. Each log, if recorded correctly, should be identical to another log detailing the same event, regardless of the author. A clean objective record of what the temperature was or which direction the wind was blowing.

But I digress, this is neither a journal nor a log. It is a blog. One that is not so much to be read by others (for I am not sure how one would stumble upon MY blog specifically) but is for my own purposes. The human mind processes thoughts far more rapidly and in such spastic ways that a thought is rarely coherent the first time it is thunk. Writing is a fantastic way to organize one's own thoughts so you have a clear understanding what you are thinking. I have known this for some time and you could hardly call it a secret of the elite. And even though it is superior to the often nonsensical thought patterns of the racing mind, I still have difficulty organizing things even on paper. If you are reading this (again, I frankly don't know why you are) please excuse the lack of paragraphs, surplus of tangents and the occasional missing word or typo. Were this to be, professionally reviewed such errors would be corrected but I hardly see the need to do so in this medium.

The advantage of a blog over say, a journal, is that not only do you record your thoughts, you allow input from others in the form of comments. Or so I am told. This is also superior (in one way at least) to a simple conversation one might have with an acquaintance because it gives one the opportunity to be careful in what one says. I am not by any means new to online communication, just blogging. The quality and nature of debates on sites such as 4chan does terrible things to one's faith in civility. Therefore I have elected to come here for "serious discussion". I understand this place does not discourage the religious from participating and I'm sure many welcome it. But it is not likely that the religious constitute a majority and I hardly wish to subject myself to an echo chamber. Fortunately the nature of my issue which this blog will address relates directly to my stake in atheism and is best handled by other atheist. Said issue is my relationship with a girl I deeply love and she loves me. She is Shinto. I will elaborate on this at a later date for I deeply fear misrepresenting our situation (even to strangers) and please forgive what may at times seem like rambling, I only seek to give context where it is necessary. If you have read this, I suppose I should welcome you to comment, message, or friend me if you wish. You have shown herculean endurance by reading 632 words that you were under no obligation nor had any apparent reason to read.

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Comment by _Robert_ on October 15, 2014 at 2:31pm

I find this place to be uniquely (about 90%) civil, yet people are NOT afraid to disagree. The traffic comes and goes and as winter approaches it tends to get busier. Dump that girl NOW! (just kidding). I find myself tolerating and once again befriending "the devout" folks more and more with time since my de-conversion a few years ago as many seem to do once they get over the feeling of "being duped" and misled. Write Away !

Comment by Cato (Kaito) Rigas on October 15, 2014 at 3:29pm

Thank you. But I feel somewhat like a free rider here, seeking relationship advice but not entirely sure what I can contribute to the general dialogue of the site. I suppose I'm just as qualified as any atheist to talk about atheism but I've never before taken an interest in the community or activism.

Comment by Reg The Fronkey Farmer on October 15, 2014 at 4:14pm

Hello Cato and welcome to TA. Just asking a reasonable question is a contribution to the site. A reasonable question is one that some other people are likely to also be asking. They may not have written it down as you have but they will be interested in the answers. Sometimes just getting a discussion started with challenge some non-contributing reader to resolve an issue by offering a new perspective.

A blog is usually more focused that a general discussion. The writer is compelled (to a degree) to give consideration to the words used and the reader can consider them without any background chatter. The words to not need to shout to be heard. Sometimes a single sentence will have a profound effect and turn what appeared to be special knowledge in common sense.

Think Atheist encourages freethinking through the exchange of ideas and information. We try to keep the information subjective and the ideas thought provoking. We will not be long telling each other when they are not :-).

Comment by Belle Rose on October 15, 2014 at 4:55pm
Welcome Cato!!!!!!

Hablas Espanol?

Anyways....you know, I have shared tons of personal stories on Think Atheist and even asked for advice on a number of issues...no shame in asking the tough questions. Now that you gave a little hint about your girl who in Shinto, I'm curious to know more, lol....

I also wanted to point out that TA is not "just" for people who are involved in activism. You don't have to be a certain kind of Atheist to participate on this site. Hell, I joined this site when I was a Christian and they fed me and gave me water and let me stay, lol!!!

I'm excited to exchange ideas with you, and...evolve ;)
Comment by Cato (Kaito) Rigas on October 15, 2014 at 5:18pm

Si, hablo poquito pero ha sido largo tiempo. Lo siento por la gramatica horrible

Comment by Belle Rose on October 15, 2014 at 6:23pm


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