I saw this post on another group whose members are ex-Jehovahs Witnesses, and just had to share, with the poster's permission. I don't know whether Phil is an atheist or just "non-religious". The post is in reply to another message:


Phil from the UK here, I read your email to Tanya with some interest (I am set up to receive emails from the group). Sorry I don't contribute much but I always enjoy reading comments from members of the group. Your comments about the catholic church and their beliefs, as I said, I found interesting, and couldn't help but remember that just as Catholics, and of course, most all of Christian religions believe that homosexuality is wrong, using the bible as their authority on the matter, likewise, so-called Christians used the bible to justify slavery for so many, many years.

Although, undoubtedly, the bible has shaped western society to a remarkable degree, I am always now constantly amazed that we haven't moved on and seen the bible, and indeed all the other 'holy' books, for those of other faiths, for what they really are. That is, an attempt for the ancients to try to make sense of the world and their place in it. Without the benefit of modern science that we are able to refer to, they needed answers and when certain 'god-inspired' people wrote their words of 'wisdom', the people believed, and they did so because they had nothing else. (To get an excellent insight into the bible's writings, read, 'Biblical Nonsense by Dr Jason Long).

It now seems odd to me, that we as modern humans still can't see the real 'truth' with all the insights that modern science brings, and although science may not have all the answers, we know enough, once we start to examine the evidence, that for example, the Earth and by extension, our solar system is billions of years old, yet JW's, and others, still cling to the young earth scenario as taught by this ancient and wildly inaccurate book. And although the Watchtower society juggle with the figures of creation giving each creation day some thousands of years rather than days, they miss the mark by billions of years. Why don't JW's see this? Don't they ' keep checking that what you are hearing is the truth'. Of course not, even if they are not comfortable with some of the teaching of the Watchtower. As we know, it is much more comfortable to stay in, knowing that they could lose their family members, just as you have referred to, and the obvious anguish this causes as I have read many times, here at the group, and indeed, from other ex-JW's who have left. The real problem however, and I'm sure of agreement here, is the extent of the brainwashing that takes such a hold. It is so powerful, yet so subtle, we don't realise how much of a hold it has on us even before we even think of exiting. Just questioning Watchtower beliefs brings JW's out in hot sweats. After all, if the Watchtower (which is God's organisation on earth, isn't it?) says you must not look at any literature questioning your beliefs, then you just don't. You could lose your chance of eternal life!

Yet, this hold on people isn't confined to just JW's of course; most religions, in their own way, strongly influence their members, whether they be Christians, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, etc; each believing that their faith and their faith alone, is the only one approved by God. When will we drop this evil and stultifying development to human happiness known as religion? Not I suspect in my lifetime, nor my children's. It may well take a thousand more years! My hope though is that one day we as a human race will develop into an enlightened global humanist society where religion is vanquished to the dark ages - if we don't destroy ourselves first of course! I do think that those in the group, myself included, are despite the anguish and the family problems experienced by leaving the JW's, the lucky ones, having seen the 'light' and left this cult. So good to be free. May many more JW's see the light, just as we have.


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Comment by Malgosha on June 9, 2011 at 1:39pm
If you don't mind me asking what part did you find interesting?  I'm an ex JW so I relate to a lot of what he wrote.  I'm always curious of the perspective of those not raised in that mindset.
Comment by Paul Reed on June 9, 2011 at 3:13pm

Maybe 'noteworthy' is a more accurate description. I'm ex-JW too, hence my membership in the group.

I just thought I'd share as this is a well-written comment which resonated with me. Now, I don't know whether he's still for God despite being against religion, but it's interesting to see such a secular viewpoint outside of a specifically secular community such as this.

A major part of my own 'awakening' was realising that most (if not all) religions deem themselves the only true religion, therefore it was statistically possible to be in the wrong one without realising. That, and the realisation that doubts and research are actually good things. And the clincher was pondering why it would be necessary to 'pick' a religion at all!

Comment by Araina on June 9, 2011 at 7:23pm
Hi I am also an Ex-JW, it's weird because I already met another one here after posting my Jehovah's Witnesses video.  I think of lot of us ex-jw's become atheist because we start questioning with the Watchtower Organization and then when you realize it's false you keep searching for an answer that makes sense.  You learn to question and not blindly believe anymore.  If you keep questioning and don't stop, you find yourself moving farther and farther away from religion and realize that science is the true way to find the the real truth.  How can you know something if you don't ask about it and investigate.
Comment by Reg The Fronkey Farmer on June 9, 2011 at 7:50pm
Hi all  - great to find a few ex-JW's. I am debating a few for the last few months. One said he "had too much invested" in his faith to consider not having it as he would upset his friends and family (his wife is JW). Would you have any pointers to sites that specifically debunk prophecy, especially the fall of Jeruslaem and the flight to Pellla ?
Comment by Paul Reed on June 9, 2011 at 8:00pm
I haven't heard of Pella, but I did see a website recently, http://www.607v587.com, regarding the 607 date. Also, I think there are a few books on the subject.
Comment by Paul Reed on June 9, 2011 at 8:24pm
Comment by Malgosha on June 9, 2011 at 11:31pm
It's nice to meet some ex- JWs.  I know over 50% of the members on one of my support groups are atheist/agnostic.  A lot of them responded much the way you described it Araina.  They felt they had to validate any belief they came across and eventually realized that they were atheists by default. I'm trying to think of the site that dealt with the secession of Babylonian kings and how referencing those will give a fairly precise date of the fall of Jerusalem.  The guy who wrote it spent years looking into it and cross referenced a lot of the ancient documents from Egypt in that time period to validate his conclusion. I'll try looking it up. if I find it I'll post it here.
Comment by Reg The Fronkey Farmer on June 11, 2011 at 5:18pm
Thanks guys.


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