Insight from Canada about "There Are No Accidents"

The Good Atheist podcast from Canada had a great insight the other day. One of the hosts was ranting about the oft-heard phrase "there are no accidents" and he pointed out that accidents and coincidences only make sense in a materialistic world governed by trial and error. There would be no reason for coincidences in a perfectly planned universe, so the very fact that spooky coincidences exist that make people say, "I believe everything happens for a reason" or "there are no accidents" is proof that things are not planned and that there are no hidden meanings or intentions.

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Comment by Prazzie on October 27, 2009 at 1:29am
But but but!

Accidents and spooky coincidences may appear accidental and spookily coincidental to us mere mortals, but that is only because God's mysterious plan is hidden from us! In fact, it's part of His great plan for some of the planned things to be perceived by us as accidental and spookily coincidental!

Comment by Henry Ruddle on October 27, 2009 at 3:34am
Of course. And the fossils were planted to fool us into thinking the Earth is really old, and light was created en route to the Earth for the same reason. That's why being religious is exactly like being a conspiracy theorist. The truth only exists in between the lines, and all contrary evidence merely proves the conspiracy.


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