From 1990 to 2000 I was a Neo-Pagan.  

During this period I was a Rune Caster.  I created my own Runes...any Witch must create their own tools...Aleister Crowley, the self proclaims 666 Antichrist...through the Golden Dawn sect of the early 19th Century...taught that every practitioner had to create their own set of Tarot Cards...the divination, oracle function of the Witch, whether Gardnerian or Buckley breed, had to create their own sacred tools.

This extended from the typical Altar composed of the Four Elements of the Tetragrammaton...the YHWH name of God from the Jewish Scriptures and the mythic King Solomon...the Sword, the Lance, the Platen and the Grail...forged by Tubal Cain in the Second Generation from a the deeper understanding of these Four Sacred Objects, the Tetragrammaton that embodies and fuels all esoterica including the modern emergence of the Old Religion following the legalization of witchcraft in the United Kingdom after WW II...The Da Vinci Code only scratches the surface of the history of Occultism in the Western World...

Jewish Scripture forbids the saying aloud of the YHWH and instead inserts the word for The Lord.  This is basic Know the Demon's Name is to have power over It for casting purposes.

The Runes and their casting was my preferred method of divination...every witch must have a divination tool.  I studied the original Rune Poem...

and created my own Runes and casting board and cloth.

I worked the Psychic Fairs doing castings.

I know what I'm talking about...silly how often I have to say that.

My point is, attacking Christian theology is all well and good...

...but it doesn't strike home to the real problem under which the US is suffering.

The US is infected with superstition.

From the talk shows, to the books, movies and television, and to the churches...

The United States is sick with superstition.

By focusing on the major religions...mostly Christianity...atheism has ignored the rampant superstition that fuels beliefs from the Oprah Winfrey Gospel to the UFO believers.

We need to focus on the real infection that sickens our nation...Superstition.

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Comment by _Robert_ on April 12, 2014 at 7:53am

Absolutely, 100%, could not agree more. Around here if a car battery doesn't crank, gotta be some supernatural cause. It's pervasive and perverse. You can use it to your advantage.

Every house I my neighborhood was robbed except mine. I have concrete skulls and gargoyles nailed to every tree as you come down my driveway. Magicians understand this all too well. Religion IS magic.

Comment by Unseen on April 12, 2014 at 10:38pm

Yeah. I sometimes have to remind people here that the real problem with religion is just that it's wrong. No factual basis.

Comment by Ed on April 13, 2014 at 1:01pm

While not a UFO believer I did recently observe a UFO in the night sky. Emphasis on the unidentified aspect. I will not say there is no chance our little rock here amidst the expanse of the Milky Way galaxy will ever be visited by alien beings. The possibility exists but the probability is astronomically low.

Superstition predates organized religion and began with no basis in fact and remains so. It is annoying that many in American society buy into the silliness of not walking under ladders or thinking frogs cause warts. Education is key to the removal of ignorance, unfortunately we cannot force feed the masses with knowledge so they will continue to wallow in the mud of superstitious thought.

Comment by Philip Jarrett on April 14, 2014 at 10:13pm

Daniel Kahneman's Thinking Fast and Slow explains the process as good as anyone else

As far as the origin of religion it's a tricky subject.  People suggest remains of people found buried with their tools weapons is proof of belief in an afterlife.  The problem is, we know where the idea of the Afterlife came from...can track it down to the very limits of human more then I promise to stop---Allen Segal's Life After Death:  the History of the Afterlife in the Religions of the West

is a huge book telling not the evolution of religion in primitive people but the introduction of certain concepts in to their theology as they changed their gods and goddesses to meet changes in trade, politics, economics, and war.  By focusing in on when the doctrine of the Afterlife was introduced into religion we can apply what I call Don Jarrett's Rule in respect to my father who taught me a lot and tortured me even more and died believing I was going to hell..let's shorten it to DJs Rule and it's elegantly simple:

"Nothing exists before it was created."

When we isolate the time when an idea was first introduced then we can say things like "these people couldn't have thought that way because that way of thinking didn't come into existence wil thousands of years later."

The most obvious is romantic love.  If you see a movie that portrays historical characters falling in love and loving each other as modern people do then you are watching an anachronism.  Romantic love wasn't introduced till the beginning of the 2nd Millennium and the standard for romantic love...the Hollywood cinema...didn't get cranked up till the beginning of the 19th Century.

Point goes back to if an ancient cadaver is found buried with his tools and weapons it only seems to be an indication of life after death because we are looking through the distorting focus of history.  Here I'd suggest some research into Japanese Aboriginal religion as an example of a relative pure form of religion...due to the isolation of the island nation of Japan by the ocean and by deliberate design on the part of their emperors and, ultimately, the samurai elite.  The study of Japanese religious history contains the solution...a solution that is simple:

Religion began in the fear of ghosts.  Funerals are one of the earliest of religious rituals.  The burial of the deceased with his tools and weapons does not mean they believed in an after life...a belief that Segal shows did not exist before the Mesopotamian culture, wasn't practiced with the intent of insuring individual status until the Egyptians and did not become a fate for all people with a Judgement and Rewards and Punishment till the you thought I was going to say Christians.

DJs rule number 2:

If somebody had the idea before you then it isn't your idea.

This is the whole mythologizing doctrine in a nutshell.  Can't argue against it.  Unless you want to say there's some kind of universal storehouse of truth we're all steeling stuff from...and that's another topic altogether.



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