as our congregation of lying nitwits & corporate whores
beat the drum incessantly
bringing pain to the eardrums of the
american people,
with all their fingers in the pies of the media
sending cues to the hollow reporters who are
pretending to ponder every next “move” of
the republicans & the democrats

(two puppet hands from the same puppeteer, whose
eyes never leave the prize---that of more wealth,
more power & less accountability to anyone but
themselves---those whose faces you rarely see
anywhere, whose names you don’t know & they are
all quite content to keep it this way)

as if there was some outcome that
we couldn’t write down now
without any consultation from professional
nothing more than a
bad b-movie,
all hacked away with red pen markings &
already rejected from any hollywood producer’s desk
for bearing a plot that has been
kicking us in the temples until we too have been
deadened, reeking of a stench that
no one in the world can stand
like the
decomposing rib cage of some dead horse in a street
long forgotten,
with fans blowing the smell around this ghost town in
as we americans fear less & less with every lie that
comes our way & the
talking heads grasp for more ways to spin
inevitable outcome,
we are bent over the table
ready for another dose of violently harsh
prison sex---
wherein we will be raped of more things that we
desperately need,
so that this country that is one step away from going the
way of rome
(bleeding from within),
can allow those that need nothing
to gain more and more.

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