So, I work with this girl, lets say her name is Samantha. Samantha grew up Mormon. *i know you are rolling your eyes, cause i kinda did too...*

So what you say. who cares about this Samantha?

I know i wouldn't normally, but Samantha had the courage to escape.

Samantha is 18, so newly 18 that shes been 18 for less than 2 months.

Samantha has already moved out on her own and is living a religion free life. and is very happy.

So while at work we were all talking about religion and it came up that her family was Mormon, i was confused cause she seemed like such a sweet smart girl who didnt believe in underwear that could protect you from a blazing fire. haha she is she is! my heart broke hearing about some of the things she had to endure and is still facing after leaving the church. i felt this overwhelming feeling of pride, i was so unbelievably proud of this girl i have known for less than 3 months, to walk away from everything she has ever known, her family her friends, everything. to be truly on her own, its scary. it has to be.

she has her parents and the church harassing her to come home. to rejoin the church so its not as bad as it could be, and will be, i don't think she understands what she is in for unless she has seen it herself and is prepared.

i have a feeling she will be just fine.

shes one heck of a girl.

just a side note she has given me her copy of the quad to read. .

the holy bible
the book of Mormon
doctrine and covenants
pearl of great price

i am very excited to have a read.

next time the Mormons knock on my door i will show them the book, and tell them i am busy reading, and im pretty sure they will leave me alone finally. think it will work?

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Comment by Prazzie on September 24, 2009 at 7:38am
Great idea to show Mormons the book. I collect books related to religion and atheism. I have a fantasy that one day a religious person will visit me, perhaps hoping to change my atheist ways and then spot my bookcase and my many many books on God and gods and the Church and churches and my copy of "Inside the Vatican" (gorgeous photography!) and the history of religion and cults and then decide that maybe, just maybe, I know what I'm talking about. Is hoping for instant deconversion based on a sighting of a well-stocked bookcase too much to ask for?

Encouraging story about Samantha, thanks!
Comment by Joshua Gray on September 24, 2009 at 9:00am
I'm not sure if you are being facetious about the last sentence, but if you show missionaries you are reading the book they may want to come back and discuss it with you. They carry many copies and one of their goals is to give them out while trying to get promises of reading it.
I used to be one of them myself. I must say, what I have found out about the history surrounding the book(s) is a whole lot more interesting than the content found within.
I've always found Mark Twain's comment about it to be so true: "It is chloroform in print."
Comment by fixedentropy on September 24, 2009 at 12:53pm
it is more of a joke yes, i really dont think that it will stop them form harassing me. though i do think i want to sit down with one and pick their brain a little.
Comment by Gaytor on September 25, 2009 at 12:00am
I'm only 35, but I think about philanthropy when I'm older as a goal. Maybe instead of sponsoring poor students in college, giving a financial way out of religion would do as much good. I'm sure that's a big hold back for many.


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