I was just talking to my brother about this holiday decorating challenge where I work. I spoke up first in my area so I'm "leader" but I'm sure that won't be for long. I told the group we're doing all three holidays: chaunaka, kwanzaa and christmas. A lady who is religious (this surprised me...) spoke up and said we should also have a santa section for people who arent christian and like santa. And another person ssid what about the three kings... so we're having all that. But since we're a government business we have to be careful not to offend people, so at the area by the lobby we're doing "winter wonderland".

I'll let you know how it turns out if anything interesting happens.

So then my brother (not religious but believes in some higher power) tells me his boss is giving out christmas hams... they have a few jewish people that he knows of. I said it's very christian of him. Lol then my brother said something about the bible telling his boss to give ham. Ii said its the best fairytale ever. Then "you know man made god, not the other way around..." so his response... "the big bang was god farting. Thats why everything turned out like shit!"

I couldnt help but be amused.

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Comment by Gaytor on December 8, 2010 at 9:23pm
That's a good one liner


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