Ignorance is bliss....but so is telling off the ignorant jack ass.

When someone I was talking to found out we (my husband and I) were evolutionists, they were appalled, they told us that the bible has been proven and that even considering we evolved from "a lower life form" was ignorant. They also said that they would pray that I find god.

To them I say...how dare you...how dare you say "lower life form" isn't that a little egotisical?? I have always believed that we are all equals; humans and animals...so much so that I am a strict vegetarian and mostly vegan. Who are you to decide what life form is lower or higher? And to me ignorance is getting all of lifes answers from a thousand year old book that has been translated and re-written more times then anyone can know. What is ignorant is that you assume i need god...which i don't, I am extremely happy, but you wouldn't know that because dicussing thinks with people like you make me look like a raging lunitic.

Do me a favor, DO NOT PRAY FOR ME. Don't waste the time, instead do something contructive, like knit or maybe read a book...preferable one by Richard Dawkins or John Robbins....

And come to think of it...I'm pretty sure our primate cousins would be pretty embarrassed of you, especially if observing you while you were at some all you can eat rib-off or someother flesh charing place you're so fond of, nawing on a bone, with corn syrup all over you face, and some kind of plastic bib tied around your neck......

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Comment by Andrea on December 18, 2009 at 10:51am
Totally off-topic, but relating to what we were talking about last night re: "pray for a cure for cancer" BS.

The reply I've got on deck: instead of praying and then washing your hands of the responsibility, why not donate to cancer research? thinking about something, even thinking about it really hard, doesn't do a damn thing.

Then I'll throw in Matthew 6:1 for good measure.


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