If You're the Smartest Person In The Room... You're In The Wrong Room.

I wanted to contribute my current day-to-day experience which shares much in common with those posting and agreeing that "They Can't  Live On This Planet Anymore!" and to offer what helps me through it every day.

When I'm not developing lectures and multimedia pieces for Innerspace Labs, (please see my profile for fun bits about that!), I pay the rent working as a supervisor in a print center.

It is, indeed a struggle, as my workplace is made up of proudly fundamentalist Catholics who openly discuss their hatred of blacks and of gays and speak of how gays are an abomination in the eyes of the Lord... at work.

My manager slowly tortured a bird in our store and let it bleed to death over the next 24 hours instead of humanely catching and releasing the frightened thing.

My other manager enjoys printing images of aborted fetuses at work for customers who are planning to protest outside of clinics.

And my assistant manager told me all about how dangerous blacks are.  They "took over her town and her school and would put a knife in your back if you crossed them."

My fellow associates make fart noises whenever a woman bends over in their presence, make sexually inappropriate comments about customers, and casually use phrases like, "aw shit, my bad - that wuz a Polack move" whenever they make an error.

An associate in my department has never seen a doctor, never received a vaccination in her life, and avoids all medications because her mother taught her that all doctors, preventative medicine, and prescriptions are a conspiracy.

As you would expect, they all wear "energy" hologram rubber bracelets, and end every sentence with the word, "bro." (Do you even lift?)

Every day for 8 hours, I service an adult population with a 30% illiteracy rate, drug addicts, and people of all ages and races who speak ebonics as their primary language.

The majority of the print work I deal with involves End of the World / Rapture brochures, pyramid scheme recruitment propaganda, and Reiki Master instruction books.


"We must restore the grids that broke when the meteors hit Russia. We need to restore the function and structure and activate the entrance and exit points of the gravitational fields within the new color codes and narrow charm resonances. If the merkaba vehicle requires to tunnel through discontinuities abruptly these entrances and exit points require optimum function so we are not put in danger or have our merkaba damaged."

...So yeah, there's that.

As a secular humanist who enjoys antiquarian literature and a proper cup of loose leaf tea, it's safe to say that I'm "in the wrong room."

My coworkers openly confess that they've never read a book in their lives other than what was assigned in their high school days.

HOWEVER - this is not a vain rant of superiority.  I wish to share a medicine for melancholy for those dealing with a daily grind similar to my own.

This Saturday, I am moving into a new studio.  I am going to fill the room with things which inspire me - polished antique silver, fine oxbone china, the manifestos of early 20th century composers and the Italian Futurists, a brilliant hi-fi system with a beautiful rosewood turntable, and shelves and shelves of my favorite literature.

It will be a small and humble studio, but every night after a grueling day at the office, I will breathe easy, enter my lair, drop the needle on some Karlheinz Stockhausen or Morton Subotnick, sip my tea, and dive deep into my research before I retire for the evening.

I know this job isn't forever.  It is simply a means of financial stability at present.  So I say to you, the Atheists struggling to deal with ignorance and loneliness in your community, we are out there.  

Make your home (or your room, whatever you have) a place of solace, filled with that which inspires you.  Make it through each maniacal day knowing that you have that Room of Reason, that Space of Sanity to return to each night.

Just one more week, and I'll be visiting you from my very own rational sanctum. 

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

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Comment by M.M. on May 5, 2013 at 10:47pm

I agree, and you sound almost as bad off as myself regarding co workers and environment.

You have to have a place to retreat to and decompress.

It is essential!

I dont really have that now but I am working on it. It really is difficult without that lair or sanctuary. You just have to hang in there.

Comment by innerspaceboy on May 5, 2013 at 11:03pm

"British documentarian" is a charming way to describe my diction. 

If I may attempt to give it some context -

I have lived my entire adult life without a television or a radio.  The last thing I remember on TV was The Telltale Head episode of the Simpsons... episode #8 from 1990.

99% of the television I enjoy involves BBC documentaries and cult programming like British series, The Prisoner (1967).  I dress as Number 48 from the final episode of the short series as an expression of anti-authoritarianism. 

I've tried to live my life outside of contemporary consumerism as much as possible, not shopping in stores and re-purposing what I need using findings from antique shops.

The majority of the antiquarian literature I read spans from the writings of Plato to Thomas More's Utopia (1516), to Doyle (1886-1903) the collected Futurist manifestos (~1912), to the golden age science fiction pulps (1938-46) and new wave scifi (1960-1975).

Living without radio most of the music I research was produced between 1912 and 1975 with a strong focus on Futurism and on experimental German music up to and including the birth of the ambient genre.

I also enjoy listening to my massive library of Old Time Radio broadcasts.

As such, most of the dialog I read/hear is chiefly British and a century behind contemporary slang.  So I apologize if I sound a bit daft.

I hope that sheds a little light on my quirky speech?

Comment by Sarah on May 7, 2013 at 12:34pm

Hey innerspace boy, great post. The title is one of my all time favourite quotes.

For the record, your co-workers sound absolutely intolerable. It's astounding that you can put up with that on a daily basis... not sure I could.

Comment by Mary Griffith on May 12, 2013 at 11:45am
Wow...I now believe in "hell", at least it's not going to be eternal for you!


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