If people are not worried about Muslims, they should be!!

After seeing this video, it just further angered me and just made me dislike Muslims even more. I did not know anything about the practice of taqiyya. I always figured those fuckers were lying, always known that they are trying to impose sharia law on the entire world, because the Quran demands it!

But the fact that they actually have a term for lying to people in order to gain their final goal, sharia law, well, to me that just puts the cherry on the cake.

How can ANYONE trust ANY Muslims? They are not peaceful, not if they are following the Quran to the letter, since it is law that if two passages contradicts itself, the newer passage trumps old passage. So all the peaceful things that are in the Quran do not apply when it is superseded by a newer, much more violent law.

It seems to me that this goes beyond "normal" religions (I know there is no such thing, but you know what I mean). This religion is madness, violent, liars, hateful, and their goal; to conquer the world!

As I truly believe that some christians would love nothing more than to CAUSE Armageddon, to see that it comes to pass, I strongly believe that Muslims are trying to take over world, and impose their sharia law on us.

I know there has been a huge controversy regarding the mosque at ground zero, or two blocks from it, but I still stand firm that it is a HUGE slap in the face of not just NYC, but the entire country!!
Do they not see that these asshole Muslims just see it as another victory for them? They are laughing at us, and getting what they want at the same time. It seems completely disrespectful to do that.

Let's flip that page... what if we went to THEIR country and bombed one of their monuments.. then a few years later we say, "Hey, we are gonna build a church in (or near ) the spot where we bombed, yea, as to pay respect for those that died" . What do you think they would do? Take your ass out to the middle of the streets and stone you to death, that's what! It would be in no way, shape or form allowed.. even without a bombing, they would not allow a christian church to be erected in their country.

Why are we such pussies?!?

I know all this sounds hateful, I'm not a hateful person, ask anyone who knows me at all... But I do HATE Islam! It is destructive, vindictive, and just down right a malicious lying people. There are NO peaceful Muslims, not if they are following the Quran as they should be doing, as Allah demands it. It is the law!
SO, no, Muslims are NOT peaceful.

By the way, I am all for no mosques ANYWHERE!! They wanna build a fucking mosque, a place where they teach lying, deception and hate, they can go build it in their own fucking country!

Islamic conquests... <----check it out

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Comment by Mario Rodgers on July 27, 2010 at 5:08pm
To Islam, the Muslim is the number one priority. Everybody else "doesn't see the truth". As such, the practice of taqiyya, from what I gathered on it, isn't so much the art of lying as it is a defense mechanism where the Muslim is morally guided to protect himself and his faith by disguising his intentions because Islam doesn't view non-Muslims on equal terms as true Muslims. As far as I know, the true purpose of this practice was only for extreme situations, but you can bet many Muslims use it as an excuse to justify scamming others just because they're not Muslim.

I really don't think most Muslims are to blame just for being Muslim. Just like I try to separate Christians from Christianity. Just like Christianity, it is Islam, the religion, that is dangerous and to blame for the level of thinking we see in the masses. Just like Bible literalism makes people ignorant and dangerous, we should also be wary of Koran literalism.

what if we went to THEIR country and bombed one of their monuments

I'm sure there are Islamic monuments that do get bombed, but I think you're trying to project a specific context that isn't clear by your words.

they can go build it in their own fucking country!

Some of them ARE in their own country. Many don't make so much as a fuss and live happily, despite whatever nonsense brainwashing they turn themselves over to. However in other countries, the young generation get angry and they refuse to assimilate, but the host country also makes it hard to assimilate. There's equal blame on both sides, but I think a world free from all bronze age mythologies would make the world a much better palce.
Comment by willailla on July 27, 2010 at 7:17pm
Muslims want to kill all infidels.
Jews want to kill all infidels.
Christians want to kill all infidels.

Irony: They all worship the same god.
Comment by Allen J. Thoma on July 27, 2010 at 9:46pm
I don't doubt that many of the fundamentalist Christian leaders in this country would also want a theocracy if they could get away with it. And what about the fundamentalist Jewish settlers in Israel? I think there are fanatics in all religions. I doubt that most Muslims in this country believe in the radical perspective. However, we should not be gullible either, about peaceful Islam. The only option is to repeat again and again that all religion is mindless and to cultivate skeptical atheism.
Comment by Terri~ on July 28, 2010 at 9:01am
@Mario I said this before, but I didn't realize there were So many Muslims sympathizers in this site, and I am starting to think this is NOT the place for me....

I am CLEAR, I have no love, no sympathy, and don't much care what sympathizers have to say about how I feel. I write blogs mostly to get things out of my system, and I know I will get negative input, which means crap to me. If you cannot see that their agenda is world domination, then you are simply blind and want to keep in you head nice little thoughts about the Muslims, that's on you.

I have my eyes open and l have ZERO trust for a religion that ENCOURAGES lying to people in such an extreme way that non-Muslims just accept it and move on. If that's what YOU want to do, then more power to you, I choose NOT to do that.

I know there are Islamic monuments that get bombed... My POINT was that they would NOT allow us to build a cathedral or church in their country... and of course there are mosques in their countries... I meant that they should JUST build the mosques in their country... I know I know, religious freedom... but it's not religion to them, it's also their politics... the Quran covers religious 'values" and well as a political agenda... Read it, I'm not lying!! (I am currently reading the Quran)

If Muslims are following the Quran to the letter, as it WAS meant to be taken literally, then they are evil and their agenda is imposing sharia law on the WORLD... and if you don't believe that or see that, then you are blind.
Comment by Terri~ on July 28, 2010 at 9:07am
@Allen " I doubt that most Muslims in this country believe in the radical perspective."You are wrong. If they are TRUE Muslims, they are following the Quran to the letter... therefore they are ok with the violence that the Quran teaches.. if they are not following the Quran literally, the are not even considered Muslims because part of their religion is to follow that book literally.

The only option is to repeat again and again that all religion is mindless and to cultivate skeptical atheism. I agree.
Comment by Allen J. Thoma on July 28, 2010 at 9:42am
Terri, I think the difference is that most Muslims in this country probably (and I say that with no evidence) are like most Christians and Jews in this country, they "mouth" the faith without holding to the letter of it. Look at the Old Testament! If that isn't one misogynistic, evil, murderous old god I don't know what is. And that Jehovah says a lot of the things that get said by the Qr-ran about your enemys. Fundamentalist Christians would establish a theocracy here too if they could, but most Christians in this country are not fundamentalists. That said I think the Qr-ran is particularly hateful (and I take that on information as I have not wasted time reading it.). However, I think that it would be naive to underestimate any Muslim who shows any signs of piety (i.e. head scarves, praying umpteen times a day to Mecca, etc.). Piety to religion is abandonment of all logic and reason, hence it makes one very suspect.
Comment by Mario Rodgers on July 28, 2010 at 2:37pm
Wow. What a low blow, Terri. I came in under the banner of neutrality and rationality, and you accuse this place of harboring "sympathizers". I also have my biases. I hate the Catholic Church with a passion and consider both it and Islam to be inherently violent. But I try to separate the people from the religion and judge people on a case by case basis on their actions.

Although I'm still free to call them idiots for still harboring bronze age superstitions.
Comment by Mario Rodgers on July 28, 2010 at 2:42pm
I get called "blind" enough times by idiot bible thumpers, thank you very much.
Comment by Terri~ on July 28, 2010 at 4:21pm
@Mario I USUALLY treat people on a one by one basis too, but in the case of Muslims, they are to follow the Quran literally, so it's scary. I meant no disrespect Mario, seriously... I just get a little passionate about things some times. I am sorry if I was offensive. I was reacting merely to your words and not you. I don't know you, so I don't really know your thoughts on details.

I know I come across a bit harsh sometimes... I seriously do it out of pure passion and not any hatred for people here...
Sorry about being so bitchy =/
Comment by Terri~ on July 28, 2010 at 4:22pm
I hate the Catholic church too btw... now my husbands family is WAY catholic, and I don't hate them, but I talk shit about their religion because, well, I'm sure I don;t have to tell you all the crap THEY do =D


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