If I were to meet another me from an alternate universe where I'm raised a christian, would I have what it takes to convince that version of me that it's all interpretations lead by the ignorant to spread ignorance?

I honestly feel that if I were indoctrinated towards christianity as a child then I would most definitely be a christian today. Not only because I think it is literal brain washing but because I have yet to meet an atheist in the flesh. Everyone around me is a christian and as sad as it is when I think about it, I would most likely have more friends if I were one myself.

I think the closest person to me who is not christian is my dad. Unfortunately he is rather timid of forming his own opinion when swamped in a christian environment. I don't blame him for that but I know he really has no interpretation or knowledge of christianity, I know he doesn't really care for religion at all, and it makes me sad to have lost a friend and a father to the ever hateful and segregationist mindsets of the religious ("If you don't believe in god, I'm not your friend and you're going to hell"). I've talked to him about how christianity is fallacious in about every way but he just tells me to shush and not speak of such things in public. But in any case, I digress...


What is it like to be indoctrinated? What is it like to believe everything around you is a result of God? What is it like to have some almighty force "love" you and for you to believe that this is legitimate love despite the fear of going to hell? As a matter of fact, what is it like to fear hell? How does one interpret the reasoning for their actions between the fear of going to hell versus being a good person just to be a good person? Are they one in the same? 

What would I pray to Jesus/God if I were a christian? 

... Would I die for my beliefs?

Would I listen to the atheist version of myself? Would I take time to sympathize? Would I segregate myself from other christians, the bad ones, the ones I don't agree with, the ones I don't like, despite them sapping the same belief system from the same book to which I devoted my life to? If science really connected with the christian me, would I be scared? Would I be afraid of such thoughts which would go against this almighty power who's existence has been engraved into my mind? Would there be any way to show my christian self that there's no way to truly know that God's "love" is the same as the love that we humans throw around? Would my christian self realize he is being tormented by fear alone and literally talking to the source of that fear to help lesson that fear?

Just some questions I've been asking myself...

In the end, I really don't know if I would have what it takes to convince myself away from christianity... Which seems like a really odd thought. Perhaps this is out of respect for the trust I have in myself and the logic to which I establish from experiences and philosophy.

On a side note:
I also wonder how a fight would go down (not that I'm a brute or enjoy fighting, just out of pure curiosity). Would our punches meet in mid-air? Would we attack each other in crazy ways solely in an attempt to avoid copying each other's movements?

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