If there was real separation of church and state there would be: 

  1. No crosses on public roads and public highways
  2. No "In God We Trust" on the currency
  3. No "Under God" in pledge of allegiance
  4. No "Acts of God" in the books of law
  5. No taking oath to public office in name of god, or on the bible
  6. No adding of god to the party agendas
  7. No "In God We Trust" license plates issued for free on tax payers dime
  8. No laws banning atheists/infidels taking public office
  9. No national day of prayer
  10. No faith based partnerships
  11. No 10 commandments in public schools, public offices, courts
  12. No prayers at the graduation ceremonies at public schools 
  13. No passing of resolutions and proclamations by government for prayer 

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Comment by kris feenstra on September 24, 2012 at 4:05pm

That's a good and bad thing.  Politicians may not express those views, but that doesn't mean they don't act on them. I often use May as an example, but her statements on abortion give me the impression that she can separate her personal religious values and her duty to Canadians as an elected official. I'm glad to know that up front. Conversely, it was disheartening to hear Gary Goodyear's evasive religious deflection when asked if he believed in evolution, especially considering he is the Minister of State for Science and Technology. Granted, I can't force his riding to not elect him, but it would be nice to apply pressure to push that man out of that particular cabinet position.

On the other hand, the fact that religion stays more subverted makes it much harder to try to pass bills and motions under religious justifications. Take the recent M-312 issue on abortion, drop the Catholic bias and it's absurd on its face. The minister wanted science to make his case for him, but it just ain't gonna happen. Hardly anyone wants to take the political hit when it can't even be leveraged properly with religious demographics.


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