I was asked if i knew that jesus loves me...WHAT!?!

Today I was asked if anyone had ever told me that jesus loves me. i work in customer service & i'm on the phone with people all the time. so this man calls in & i help him as i do with every customer. well at the end of the call he asks me if anyone has told me jesus loves me. i laughed just to avoid it & ask him if there was anything else i could help him with before letting him go. he says, "yeah answer my question, do you know jesus loves you? are you a sister of jesus? because if you're not a sister of jesus then you're no sister at all." WTF?! and so it went. he was so insistent that i know how important it was that jesus loved me. so i finally just said, kinda rudely, that he have a nice day since he had no other company related questions. it just irritated me that he kept pushing this on me & of coarse i can't really tell him how i feel because of my job! Ugh! just bothered the hell out of me!

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Comment by Robert E. O'Dell on January 7, 2010 at 10:53pm
That is ichy!
Comment by Hector on January 8, 2010 at 12:21am
I work in a restaurant so I always have to deal with people telling me stuff, such as god bless you and little church cards about how much god loves me and the end of times. During Christmas I told this guy Happy holidays, and he got offended and told me in a corrrecting and attitude way "Its merry Christmas not Happy holidays" So i just had to smile and walked away. I wished I could just tell him something, but I have to be nice or Ill lose my job.
Comment by Joshua Miller on January 8, 2010 at 3:33am
HaHAHa. Ok, since youre also working at a call center in the Valley Im going to assume we may work at the same one. But, I also have people telling me to have a "blessed day" or "god bless" me. I kinda want to take some time on the call to talk them out of their religion and see how many MINDS instead of CUSTOMERS I can save. But, I got to make the paper.
Comment by Gordon Duffy on January 8, 2010 at 4:43am
My guess is that you could have honestly answered "yes, I've been told that many times" but I doubt you'd have diverted their train of evangelism.

I get this letter from the Scottish Blood Transfusion Service every new year where the highlight a few of the people who didn;'t die over xmas because of donatd blood. Anyway, this one guy said "I thank God everyday or blood donors, you people really saved my life" and as I was reading I thought "well then thank us! God didnt magic you better."
Comment by Galen on January 8, 2010 at 6:12am
"Its merry Christmas not Happy holidays"

And just how the hell were you supposed to know that he was Christian, not Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc. (all of which celebrate HOLIDAYS around this time of year). What if you'd told him "Merry Christmas!" and he WASN'T Christian? People seriously just don't THINK!
Comment by Shine on January 8, 2010 at 12:16pm
Ugh, this story instantly reminded me of so many incidents from my years of waiting tables and bartending. Nothing is more irritating that be forced into silence by the constraints of customer service. People often fail to recognize the occupational limits of the person serving them; as a waitress and bartender, my job involved taking orders, serving food and drinks, and occasionally providing light conversation. Yet people seemed to think that my immediate and unquestioning acquiescence to all of their opinionated diatribes was part of the bargain.

In the end, you can only take satisfaction in knowing that people who feel the need to preach to a captive audience are some of the biggest idiots on the planet; no worthwhile debate is ever achieved when one side is muted by circumstance, and any competent person will realize this and refrain from preaching.


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