Today I was in the disco with 4 of my friends, at certain point I was outside smoking alone and a Turkish muslim man approached me, he began insulting me (for no reason) because I'm a "christian" and also because of the way I dress. I was dressed with leggings and a blouse, nothing sexy or highly provocative. I was sitting down and he was standing up, he got so close yelling at me that he invaded my personal space,he began to try to grab me by the arms, I was feeling threatned, I tried to ignore him, but he was getting closer and closer, to the point I thought that he was going to physically assault me. He then proceeded to make sexual comments, saying that I was "naked". He was almost on top of me, literally. Luckily my 3 friends appeared right on time but he would still be almost on top of me, my guy friend had to push him away. Then he went to a couple that were next to us and he began talking with them about me, and pointing at me. They were trying to get rid of him because the guy was obviously crazy. He began yelling at my friend "shut the f*ck off christian b*tch!" like 5 times when she was not even talking to him. They began to argue, and finally the security man calmed him down. We as women were frightened and told the guys to go inside, though the guys were very angry, and one of them being an Italian militar was almost ready to start a fight. This was horrible, keeping in mind that I live in catholic country and he is an imigrant who began insulting us because "our religion". This is the first time I get insulted by a man I dont know, I have never even talked to a muslim in my life, having him almost sitting on top of me was the scarriest thing I ever went through in my own country. I always go out and have NEVER been annoyed in such a way by men of my own nationality or other nationalities. I don't know what would have happened if my friends hadn't show up on time.

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Comment by Raymond Baker on March 5, 2012 at 1:07am

Well misogyny is an established fact of the Quran, among other very dangerous ideologies. His religion gives little moral guidance regarding abuse towards women, which made you a convenient target to express whatever anger he was feeling while being consistent with his religious beliefs.

It must have been very scary to have someone like that threaten you, but at least you are safe thanks to your friends. There are many women that are not so lucky. Islam is a religion that has imams that state that not wearing a head scarf in public is cause for rape.  It really is disgusting.

Comment by Bobby on March 25, 2012 at 11:32am

Wow, that's horrible. Have you seen the cartoon "Persepolis"? It's about an Iranian girl's experiences growing up in Iran. Supposedly it's a violation of Islamic law to execute a virgin. Their solution? Have a prison guard "marry" the girl they want to execute; force her to no longer remain a virgin; divorce her; and, voila, she can now be executed. Lovely system.

Comment by Cristynfaye on March 25, 2012 at 9:58pm

Wow that must have been so scary!  I'm so glad that your friends showed up to help you in time!



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