So there's this guy who floated around on the internet for awhile, doesn't seem to keep up on anything anymore, goes by the name of Mat Dickie. What caught my eye was a game he made, entitled "The You Testament", which is apparently supposed to be an honest attempt at making a serious game that explores the foundation of Christianity, the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, who thanks to the random character generation, might be an 11 foot tall dagger-wielding woman. I only found out about it after viewing this (immature, swear laden and probably NSFW) Youtube review, that explores some of the finer points of the game play.

I gave it a download, and started playing, only to find that most, if not all of his scripture quotations were inaccurate or completely falsified. So I sat, confused, thinking, "This is supposed to be an honest, genuinely pro-Christian game, that has a gore setting that defaults to extreme, a fighting system ripped from the author's previous wrestling games, and ends with Jesus revealing "the truth of the world" to be wireframe." I returned to his site to find out if he was just fucking with people, only to find his take on Islam (same game, different skin colors), then moving on to find his "books" sub-section. It turns out, this guy is a published author, atheist-hater, and a Christian educator. The scariest part of it all though, is how many people thank him and herald him as some kind of brilliant prophet, highlighted mostly through his interviews and the comments on some of his books. 

I'm still too dumbfounded by the incredible quantities of stupid I've looked at in the last two hours, between his game and website, to make any kind of point. I just wanted to share this hilarious, terrible game I found.

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