I think we should take a different approach….

(For the American members)

Instead of protesting or arguing against the pledge’s -“one nation under god” or the “in god we trust” on our US currency, or the “so help me god” in our oath… … we should allow it. We should allow it under one circumstance.

That the word “god” be clarified. “god” is vague. Which “god”? Out of the thousands of gods that have existed…. To which god are we referring to? If we cannot specify which one – then the clause must be removed. Obviously every asshole will push to get their god appointed. And “Christian God” is not specific enough. The denomination must be spelled out….

“One nation under the Catholic God. “
“In the Mormon God we trust.”
“So help me Allah.”

Then… the rest of the religions and denominations will know how we feel. Then…maybe they will realize why we need separation of Church and State. Let’s see Gov Perry swear under oath to Allah. Let see Pres Obama swear to Thor. How would the Protestant Christian Right feel about “one nation under the Mormon God”? Why should they get away with the vague clause of “god”? Aren’t we entitled as taxpaying citizens to know which god we are having to be helped by or trusted under? Let the religions battle it out. The vagueness of “god” is what is keeping these clauses intact and untouched. They will never be removed by atheist.

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Comment by Frank Hamilton on July 31, 2011 at 10:45am

I disagree with this idea with the obvious simple idea that all you do is replace "god" with "santa claus".  One nation under santa claus has an interesting ring to it.  I think this argument is a red-herring which can be easily fished by elimination "god" from the pledge entirely.

Comment by Jason on July 31, 2011 at 10:50am

Well.... the point is - is that Americans would not be able to agree on which god(s).  Thus... the clauses would be removed.

Comment by Robert Karp on July 31, 2011 at 9:55pm

@Johan - does it? If so I'm a pastafarian convert!!!


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