"I Survived... Beyond and Back" <- Idk why this scares me

I don't know of you've seen this Biography Channel show called "I Survived... Beyond and Back", but it scares me.


Let me give you a synopsis of one of the many stories:

Woman dies due to complications during surgery. She seems to feel like she is floating above her body watching her death and then is greeted by a random person (or Jesus or god) or a loved one that is either convincing her to join them in the light. They always mention the odd supernatural loving feel of this being.


Now, I know this is supposed to be a sad story, and they are if its a loved one or loved pet, but whenever there is ANY mention of Jesus or god into the story I get chills and actually feel the same as if I were to watch a horror film. And I don't know why this scares me, but I have thought of some reasons why: (and this may continue to add to Akshay Bist's post on Why Religion causes brain damage, but I have not watched the video so I am unsure.)


1: Simply, It's just the combination of music and dark lighting with death storie

2: Religion scares me, in the way that Christians claim they're very devote to god and yet they all sin WAY more than the religion dictates (but they'll still be "saved" because they "follow the bible") just because they are scared to be eternally damned. 


I'm pretty sure it's not the first choice, so it seems to me that somehow I'm scared of god and being eternally damned even if I am a full fledged atheist.


I mean, I even will stand up for atheism (not saying it as a religion style "believing in non-belief). I.e. I am sometimes confronted by a tiny Mexican that thinks he's hot shit. He got his ass handed to him by a guy that's even smaller than him, and yet he can come up to me and yell at me to go to hell and that I'm a terrible person for being atheist. I shoot down his Catholicism with the funny points about his leaders raping little boys blah blah, and yet he still thinks he's better than me through religion when I'm older than him, WAY WAY smarter than him (top 5% of my class), stronger and faster than him (not anything special but compared to him, I'm better), and both my biological parents are still married and both have masters degrees (my mother has two) while his mom had him at 17 and was married then divorced. Yet he claims he is still better. (Sorry for the long example, but I had to get it off my chest lol)


So, why am I scared of religion, if I discredit it to anyone the confronts me? Any psychological explanation that fits me? 

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Comment by Doug Reardon on November 14, 2011 at 2:51pm

I cry whenever I hear somebody sing in Gaelic (I'm Irish by heritage), just a physiologic reaction I have no control over, and have no idea why it exists.  But I don't assign any "special" meaning to it either.

Comment by Eoganacht on January 4, 2012 at 4:32am

I seem to share the same reaction as Doug, I don't know what the words mean but through either the tone or sound I have to fight back tears.



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