"I once met a Texan who bragged that he had only ever read one book from cover to cover: the Bible" - Alom Shaha, The Young Atheist's Handbook.

I've read the Bible; and if I'm honest, the prospect of having it come along with me, by default, to a celebrity/music-filled island is, to say the least, a little disappointing.

Don't get the reference? I'll explain... Desert Island Disks is a popular and long-running radio show in which relatively well-known public figures are invited on to talk about what music they would least detest being stuck with for the rest of their lives on a fictional desert island. They also get a loosely enforced 'luxury item', as well as the choice of a book to go with the Bible (or alternate holy book) and the Complete Works of Shakespeare.

Even though I've never thought about it, I think it'd be easier for me to pick the music than the book. I've read far too many to pick a favourite, and far too few to reassure myself that a decision would be in any way well-informed.

But, thankfully, this is a wholly fictional scenario - in real life I don't have to think about restricting myself to a single text.

Why anyone would do so voluntarily, and be proud of it, not only deeply confuses me but saddens me too.

Some people never get the chance to even learn how to read, so anyone wasting it is frankly upsetting. Of course, your average Bible-bashing Texan would likely venomously disagree. After all; the Bible is the only book a person needs, right?

I dispute that.

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